AO EXCLUSIVE: Seo In Guk expresses his excitement about meeting his PH fans, shares plans for the next 14 years of his career

Finally! Our Bebe Seo In Guk had a successful first-ever fan meeting here in Manila!

Ahead of Seo In Guk’s first-ever fan meeting here in Manila, a press interview was held on August 12 and The Annyeong Oppa team was present at the said event.

Seo In Guk is a multifaceted star who is popular for his musical prowess and top-tier acting skill. From his humble beginnings on Mnet’s singing contest called Superstar K to being a well-known singer-actor, Seo In Guk’s dedication and journey in reaching his dreams touched and inspired so many fans.

He is remarkable for his roles in the dramas, Reply 1997, Master’s Sun, Hello Monster, Shopping King Louie, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Doom At Your Service, and Cafe Minamdang. Death’s Game is his next project which is set to premiere in December.

As a singer, Seo In Guk is known for his great various songs, he released his single album, Love&Love led by its title track, My Love last year.

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Seo In Guk’s excitement meeting his fans

The interview started with an initial question from MJ Felipe asking Seo In Guk how he feels coming to Manila, In Guk responded that he feels very excited to have his first-ever fan meeting here and that he’s grateful.

Seo In Guk appreciated the love he’s receiving from the fans and said that he needs to reach their expectations. This event is a memorable experience for him which gives him the strength to do better performances in Korea. He looks back to coming to Manila again, he said.

Seo In Guk’s 14 years journey in the industry

Since 2009, Seo In Guk has been active in the industry for 14 years. When asked about what he had become right now, he said that he’s been thinking of this question from time to time but he thinks there are no definite answers to that he thinks he still needs more things to achieve and he’s doing his best in his acting and singing career.

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Seo In Guk also shared that he will continue to become the same person he is right now in the next 14 years of his career, creating good music and touching people through his series and films. He hopes to be more veteran through the years and be more known in his job to reach more people as well.

The press interview wrapped up with  Seo In Guk’s heartfelt message to his Filipino fans, he said that the sole reason why he was able to come back is really all thanks to his fans and he is grateful because it’s gonna be another experience filled with more memories and he hopes he can come back again here soon.

We will wait patiently for your return oppa! We love you and we are always right here to support you in your future endeavors.

As a fan of his, this is one for the books. I love him since Master Sun’s days and his songs bring joy into my life. I am so genuinely happy to finally see him and witnessed his incredible performances.

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Thank you Epic Events for this opportunity!

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