Lee Hyeop, a talented South Korean singer, shines brightly as the main vocalist of the boy group DRIPPIN, a sensational group under Woollim Entertainment.

Image Source: Drippin Official

Produce X 101 & W PROJECT Journey

In the year 2019, Lee Hyeop embarked on a significant journey by participating in Mnet’s reality show, “Produce X 101,” as an individual trainee. Throughout the show’s run, he showcased his vocal skills and dedication, landing at the 24th spot in the 11th episode. Despite his remarkable efforts, he was eliminated from the competition.

On July 2019, Hyeop’s journey took a positive turn when he was introduced as a member of the Woollim Rookie, marking his official contract with Woollim Entertainment. Subsequently, on August 14, an exciting announcement revealed the return of the W PROJECT with its fourth installation. On August 24, Hyeop was thrilled to be introduced as a member of this project. The culmination of this venture resulted in the release of the captivating collaboration single ‘1M1S.’

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Debut with DRIPPIN

A new chapter in Lee Hyeop’s journey began on September 4, 2020, when Woollim Entertainment made an exhilarating announcement regarding the debut of a brand-new boy group. The same day, the curtain was raised, revealing Hyeop as one of the seven remarkable members who would debut in the highly anticipated boy group, DRIPPIN. This thrilling revelation garnered much attention from fans and the industry alike.

Image Source: Drippin Official

The official debut of DRIPPIN took place on October 28, 2020, marked by the release of their debut mini album, ‘Boyager.’ As the main vocalist, Hyeop’s rich and captivating voice played an integral role in shaping the group’s distinctive sound.

Lee Hyeop’s contributions continue to leave a lasting impact on fans and the K-pop scene, making him a beloved figure in the industry.

Image Source: Drippin Official

As the main vocalist of Drippin, Lee Hyeop has been captivating hearts with his powerful and melodious voice. Let’s keep cheering for him as he takes the stage, delivering unforgettable performances that resonate with fans worldwide.

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