Following the reports early this month, Jellyfish Entertainment is now accelerating the project group’s debut preparations.

In addition, it was announced initially that the new boy group’s name would be ’BLIT’ but later changed to ‘EVNNE.’

The label have decided the new team name after hearing the members’ input after issues with the previous name were found.

‘EVNNE’ is a group name made up of an unfamiliar words that stands for ‘EVENing’s Newest Etoiles,’ which is French for a new star rising in the night sky.

EVNNE will be a 7-member group consisting of former Boys Planet contestants and the following trainees:

  • Moon Junghyun
  • Park Jihoo
  • Park Hanbin
  • Yoo Seungeon
  • Lee Junghyun
  • Ji Yoonseo
  • Keita

On top of this change in name notice, on August 9th, the group officially unveiled their social media accounts to start communicating with their fans.

Do not forget to follow their Instagram and X formerly known as Twitter social media handles!

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This project group is a joint venture between Rain Company, Yuehua Entertainment, and WakeOne Entertainment where these trainees originated.

The overall details of the debut, such as the title song and album, future plans in promotion will be revealed subsequently.

Congratulations, EVNNE! Shine the brightest!

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