Cast of Bro and Marble share first impressions of each other and memorable things while filming in Dubai

Now with 5 episodes airing, Bro and Marble in Dubai is getting more attention from viewers as the celebrity bros strategize their way to outwit and outplay each other for a chance to experience a lavish jet setting in Dubai.

The celeb bros also known as Ji Bros (Ji Seok Jin, Lee Dong Hwi and Cho Se Ho), God Bros (Cho Kyu Hyun and Yoo Yeon Seok and Shi Bros (Joshua Hong and Hoshi of Seventeen) prove that there’s more thrill in splurging through winning. After all, those hard-earned dirhams are never easy to get. Not with a clever banker (played by Lee Seung Gi) orchestrating the games.

“When I first heard about the show, I thought “Oh my, this would cost a lot of money!” I felt we would need lots of resources so I was wondering if it would be possible. But we eventually made it, “Wow! this is really a large-scale production.”, Ji Seok Jin was all praises on how a simple board game was turned into a real-life experience for them. It’s GRAND in alot of ways.

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On what viewers “must-see” on the show

The cast was a mix of seasoned hosts and newbies in the field of variety shows. When asked on what viewers can expect while watching, Seventeen member Joshua highlighted, “For sure the chemistry among the team members is a key factor. And also how we overindulge ourselves will be something worth for you to watch us.”. His sunbaenim, Kyu Hyun of Super Junior, echoed the same thing too.

Lee Seung Gi was never out of constant teasing from his co-stars. He was the banker, the financer, the designer that can change the course of the game in an instant.

“You’ll get to see some dumb sides of Seung Gi too!”, Ji Seok Jin teased.

One thing’s for sure, with all these different personalities at play, no episode will be boring.

On their first impressions of each other

They may have crossed paths before but some have worked together for the first time. It might have felt awkward at first but with good things to say about each other, a bond among them was formed. Yoo Yeon Seok might have appeared nonchalant at first but Joshua shared that he’s a funny bro and a very entertaining person. “So it means that I am very suited for variety shows,” the funny bro responded.

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For the idol-turned-variety show stars, Josh-y and Hoshi (hence the name, Shi Bros), their energetic and playful nature adds up to the charm of the show. Cho Se Ho said that they are something to look forward to.

Lee Seung Gi’s hosting flair was also commended. This guy is always good in everything that he does, he’s a natural comedian who blends well with the cast. The veterans, aka the Ji Bros, have proven that they have stayed in this business for so long because they are well-loved and love what they do. They definitely put the FUN in being funny.

On filming in Dubai

Filmed in Dubai, the cast members shared their own core memory while exploring this beautiful country in the Middle East. “One location I remember the most is the desert. I thought deserts are supposed to be very dry but I felt it’s so refreshing there. The sand is actually fluffy and soft so I want to go to the deserts again.” This awe-mazing description of Shi Bro’s Hoshi (of Seventeen) will make us want to visit Dubai right away. The episodes also highlighted its other tourist spots, such as the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Palazzo Versace and Burj Al Arab.

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Watch out for the upcoming episodes!

Go on a sight-seeing and see a new side of these celebrity bros while watching Bro and Marble, airing on tvN Asia every Friday, 22:30.

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