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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun transforms into ‘Drunkcard Cho’ in NA PD’s new online variety

For Na PD‘s next online variety project with New Journey to the West cast members on his Youtube channel, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun is taking on his alter ego as “Drunkard Cho” (조정뱅이).

The new released teasers show Kyuhyun and Na PD talking and Kyuhyun complaining about how he got the ‘drunkard’ image. But Na PD just reminded him that it was actually himself who made the image.

The new program is titled ‘언제까지 어깨춤을 추게 할 거야?” (How long will you let me do the shoulder dance?) in reference to a popular drinking game in Korea.

Watch the hilarious teasers below and subcribe to Na PD’s channel to watch the upcoming show.

Kyuhyun also released a new sonf titled ‘Daystar’, the 2nd installment of his seasonal song project. You can watch it below:

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