Seventeen’s “Be The Sun” in Manila: The Escape that Filo CARATs needed

Filo Carats have waited for this moment to come since the last time SEVENTEEN visited the Philippines with their “ODE TO YOU” concert, last February 8, 2020, which was also held at MOA Arena. 

After the event, the whole world was at a standstill as we were all affected by the spread of Corona Virus. Slowly, the world is now recuperating from the pandemic as the world gently finds a way to return back to normal. 

For Filo Carats and SEVENTEEN, the “Be The Sun Tour” in Manila was their much-awaited reunion after being apart for a long time. Finally, after two long years, two sold outs dates were scheduled and the venue was set by Live Nation Ph along with VIU Philippines and SMART, as they make Filo CARATs’ dream come true.

Be The Sun (Day 1&2) | Pledis_17

The MOA Arena may be dark as the show begins but the light from FILO CARATs’ caratbong shined the brightest. The night was filled with good music and outstanding performance not only from SEVENTEEN but also by FILO CARATs, as they sing along with the songs that they all know by heart. Together, SEVENTEEN and FILO CARATs created a priceless night that they will surely treasure forever.

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Some of the highlights of the night for Day 2 Ticket Holders is how FILO Carats Party with the infamous song “Aju Nice” as some lucky fans were chosen to sing with SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan. In addition to this fans were able to feel SEVENTEEN’s love for them as SEVENTEEN promises to be back soon.

Annyeong Oppa

Another thing to note is the fact that despite having a two-day concert, there were still a lot of Filo Carats who were not able to get their tickets. But that did not stop them from showing their undying support for SEVENTEEN. Here you can see how #TeamLabas enjoyed the mini-concert by SM MOA Band as they sing along to SEVENTEEN’s song called Darling! Everyone watching was gleefully singing along with the tune that SM MOA Band had prepared for them.

Annyeong Oppa

Overall, SEVENTEEN’s “BE The Sun” in Manila provided each CARATs with the renewed energy to face their reality and the priceless memory for them to keep in this lifetime.

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Annyeong Oppa

But the fun does not stop there as SEVENTEEN announces new concert dates and locations last October 14th of this year. One of the dates and locations took FiLO CARATs by surprise. No one was expecting that SEVENTEEN will be true to their words when they said, “See You Soon”.

Live Nation PH will be handling the said event which will be held on December 17, 2022, at the Philippine Arena. For the tickets, so far, there are two selling dates. Fan club pre-sale will be on October 23, from 10 AM to 11:59 PM Manila time. While general public on-sale will begin on October 25 at 10 AM.

Filo Carats, are you ready to be part of this groundbreaking history by being part of the first-ever KPOP group concert at the Philippine Arena?

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