Taeyeon’s ‘THE ODD OF LOVE’ in Manila: From a promise (fulfilled) to a wondrous concert

It started with a promise and now it became real!

July 30, 2023 — definitely a date to remember for PH SONEs and Taeyeon’s fans because of an evidently dazzling night with Taeyeon during ‘THE ODD OF LOVE’ concert in Manila!

Even before the concert started, the Araneta Coliseum is already filled with cheers from fans and an enchanting view of the crowd as they wave their light sticks.

When Taeyeon finally appeared on stage, opening the concert with a stunning performance of her hit song ‘INVU,’ fans continued their loud and lively chant.

After performing her first few songs on the setlist, Taeyeon expressed how amazed she is with the vibe of the audience stating that she is very thankful that her fans are truly enjoying the concert.

Taeyeon also said, “Mahal ko kayo,” and “Salamat,” mentioning as well that she is glad to be in Manila again and sensing fans’ excitement during her performances.

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By witnessing that night’s concert, this one indeed is meaningful and refreshing. Here’s why “THE ODD OF LOVE” in Manila will surely have a special spot in our hearts:

Taeyeon’s lovely voice

It’s crystal clear; Taeyeon smoothly amazed fans with her lovely voice! She definitely pulled off performing those songs on her setlist.

PH fans’ creativity

While gazing at the audience, Taeyeon noticed fans dressed as dinosaurs and bananas. At the upper box section, she also saw a fan holding a ring light and asked, “Are you a Youtuber?”

The creativeness of PH SONEs definitely made Taeyeon’s heart happy!

Banners and purple cloth

UNISONE Fan Union distributed purple cloth and hand banner with a written message for Taeyeon:

“Our love for YOU is TIMELESS, it won’t change, and will last FOREVER”

Taeyeon noticed the hand banner and purple cloth and included those in the group photos with fans.

After taking group photos, Taeyeon said, “You guys are so cute. Did you know that?”

And lastly…

The fulfilled promise

Months ago, Taeyeon made a promise that she will be back in Manila. And she did!

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As Taeyeon said, “We are beshie!” Before ‘THE ODD OF LOVE’ concert ended, she promised to be back again in Manila.

Thank you for a wondrous concert, Taeyeon! Until we see you again here in Manila!

Photo from @TAEYEONsmtown (Twitter)

This event is presented by DNM Entertainment in partnership with IN2UNE Entertainment

Featured photo from @TAEYEONsmtown

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