10 K-Songs To Listen On A Late-Night Drive

For your next night’s drive, make sure to save these 10 Korean songs that are perfect for listening to.

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We often associate late-night rainy drives with some mellow, sad music. I do feel that it is most appropriate to get into feels in this scenario.

Do you get the feeling wherein you’re in a car or a bus, and listening to mellow music while the vehicle starts to move feels like you’re shooting one emotional music video?

Or you’re stuck in rainy traffic, where you got no choice but to listen on your set of playlist that lets you feel as if you’re very heartbroken.

And (as for personal experience) when you go on a night trip going to cold Baguio, and it’s just proper to feel sentimental?

For your next night’s drive, make sure to save these 10 Korean songs that are perfect for listening to.

Through The Night – IU

IU’s lovely voice is always soothing that it comforts you if ever you feel a little emotional. This song mainly talks about missing someone through the night.

Ending Scene – IU

Along with Through The Night, it is released on IU’s fourth studio album Palette (2017). Among all songs here, I can say this one is my favorite.

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This song discusses letting go of someone and having a proper ending scene. This song is more hurtful when BTS’ Jungkook covered this. Mapanakit siya, mga bes!

Hug Me – Jung Joon-il

Can I say this is the most classic mellow song of all Korean songs I have listened to?

Not only that the lyrics talk about missing someone, it really reminds me of Sungjae and Joy, or the ‘Bbyu’ couple at We Got Married.

All About You – Taeyeon

Bes, kung pasakitan lang ang labanan, may nanalo na!

This song is a part of the soundtrack of the 2019 drama series Hotel del Luna.

Furthermore, its piano melody and Taeyeon’s emotional voice make it perfect for crying even on a rainy day.

Oo bes, iniyakan ko ‘to!

Beautiful – Crush

It’s really mean of me if I would not include this perfect song for perfect rainy weather.

As a soundtrack of the hit drama ‘Goblin,’ this song expresses loving someone so dearly.

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It’s You – Henry

Not that we won’t include the superior OST in all KDrama that ever existed (Well, at least for me)?

Perfect with someone you love on a late-night drive, it talks about falling on someone at the right time and the right moment.

You Are My Everything – Gummy

This song purely reminds me of my midnight trips going to the cold city of Baguio.

As I study there and I always go to my hometown during the weekends, this song has been my go-to whenever I want to feel a little emotional on a bus ride.

In addition, it reminds me of the phenomenal drama ‘Descendants Of The Sun’

A Little Braver – New Empire

My friends at Annyeong Oppa recommended this song and later on made it into my heavy rotation playlist.

As the title insists, it’s a song to listen to get a little braver. This song is a soundtrack used in the drama series ‘Uncontrollably Fond.’

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Grown Ups – Sondia

Recommended by one of my friends that I also loved, this song seeks hope in warm sunlight, wanting a series of long sadness into an end.

4 O’Clock – BTS V & RM

It’s a personal favorite as it just appreciates the most beautiful moments in our life. V’s deep voice, the acoustic melody of the song, and RM’s beautiful rap emphasize our flowing emotions.

Moreover, it’s like a letter to the moon on how pretty it is to stare at night.

That sums up this playlist! Did your favorite mellow song make it to this list? You can access this playlist as I’ve made one on Spotify.

No worries if your favorite song hasn’t made it to this playlist, you can comment and leave your go-to late-night drive songs below, and surely, we can include it on the next list.

May the stars always guide our deep night. Love and light!

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  1. Can you help me with the Title (& maybe English lyrics) of a Korean folk song about missing my hometown? Phonetically… the first line of the song goes “Na-Yay-Sal-Dun-Go-Yaung-Oon, Goat-Pee-Noon-Saung-Gol”. Thanks!

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