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Yes, you heard it right! 

“The First Responders” is coming back on August 4 for another season only on Disney+!

After the success of their first season, Detective Jin Hogae (Kim Raewon), Firefighter Bong Dojin (Son Hojun), and Paramedic Song Seol (Gong Seungyeon) are coming back for more action, suspense, and more crimes to solve.

Dex is an expert in a lot of things including medicine, law, firearms, hacking, and toxicology. He was the undetected criminal architect responsible for the biggest scandals in Hollywood, politics, and billionaire circles. But when Detective Jin Hogae arrested Ma Taehwa, everything was brought to an end.

Now Dex is about to break his only rule and return to South Korea to carry out a crime himself in an attempt to take down the first responders.

Directed by Shin Kyungsoo and written by Min Jieun, the new season of “The First Responders” promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with each action-packed, crime-solving episode starting on August 4, 2023!

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