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LOOK: BTS’ V Featured In Elementary Textbook In Korea

V, a member of the global group BTS, made its debut in the new elementary school textbook in 2019.

BTS V was published in a textbook titled “Democratic Citizens living together with the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education,” which was given to 5th and 6th grade elementary school student.

The photo began to spread online after a student uploaded it with caption saying, “My mother will like it.”

In that textbook, BTS V appears in the first photo used to describe a career as a singer, along with related photos of athletes, teachers, architects and others, with the question of “What are people doing in the picture?” as an example of a job.

The photo shows BTS holding its hands to cheer fans when BTS won the album award at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards.

The textbook is known to have been revised in the revised edition of the new year to coincide with the times when K-pop singer Psy was in the textbook until last year.

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Last year, the entire members of BTS appeared in middle school social textbooks as examples of related topics to describe the characteristics of popular culture that they saw through stars, and also in physical education textbooks as a source of teamwork.

BTS also appeared as a representative K-pop idol under the theme of K-pop and Hallyu, but this is the first time that BTS has appeared in elementary school textbooks alone.

The fact that BTS V appeared in the textbook shows the influence and recognition of BTS V.

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