AO EXCLUSIVE: What should fans and viewers look out for in “TOMORROW X TOGETHER: OUR LOST SUMMER” documentary?

Recently, Disney+ announced that they will be releasing TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s documentary titled “TOMORROW X TOGETHER: OUR LOST SUMMER”.

Ever since the announcement and trailer have been released, MOAs are now excited to watch how much TOMORROW X TOGETHER has grown from rookies to becoming the “4th Generation of K-Pop Leaders” that managed to perform for their world tour and in Lolapalooza in the United States.

With TXT losing the chance before to meet their fans due to the pandemic, it was exciting for them to meet them this time and we can finally see their preparation on-screen with bonus footage from their U.S. trip.

With an exciting documentary from TOMORROW X TOGETHER, what should their fans and viewers expect or look out for in their first documentary?

Behind-the-scenes footage of performances

During stage performances, K-Pop idols like to show the highlight or bright parts of their performance.

With TXT’s documentary being released on a global streaming site like Disney+, they are aware that not all subscribers are familiar with their group. But since the documentary shows the group’s preparation process, one thing global subscribers can take away is how much they are dedicated and passionate about their work and it can be seen in their documentary.

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TXT’s preparation and hard work

As much as possible, TXT wants to be part of the preparation even for stage design since they want to show certain feelings they want to convey to MOAs.

When the members of TXT were asked to describe their documentary in one word, Beomgyu and Taehyun said “youth” because much has changed since the documentary was shot a year ago and it archived the group’s youthful moments during their preparation for their U.S. tour and Lolapalooza performance.

True feelings and emotions

Since the documentary documents the behind-the-scenes footage of TXT’s preparation, there were times when the members expressed their true feelings about certain moments. As much as possible, TXT wanted to stay frank and candid to show their charms and to show who they really are, both on-stage and off-stage.

Why you should watch “TOMORROW X TOGETHER: Our Lost Summer”

After watching their documentary, Taehyun expressed how watching the documentary made him feel like he relived their experiences and traveled back in time.

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“I feel like it’s like our past life, it’s been so long. When I was watching the documentary, archiving our entire tour, I felt like I was reliving that moment and travelling back in time. So, if you do have the chance, I’d love to do another documentary that is even more frank and candid than Our Lost Summer.”


TOMORROW X TOGETHER says they are all excited about the release of their documentary.

How about you MOAs, are you excited?

Don’t forget to mark your calendars on July 28, and stream “TOMORROW X TOGETHER: OUR LOST SUMMER” exclusively on Disney+.

Featured image courtesy of @TXT_bighit on Twitter

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