AO EXCLUSIVE: Kim Seon Ho shares his fashion style and experiences working with BENCH, Reveals his secret talent!

PH Seonhohadas are winning this year as their dimple prince/good boy, Kim Seon Ho returns to the Philippines for the second time around and created another memorable moment with them during his “Love to Meet our Good Boy” fan meeting.

July 22 is not just an ordinary day for us but a special day, because The Annyeong Oppa team had the chance to meet him and personally asked him a question in an exclusive press conference ahead of his fan meeting.

Words can’t express how much we are so delighted to see him again; “Mabuhay, Ako si Kim Seon Ho”, an enthusiastic greeting from him while showing us his warmest smile. He said he felt so blessed and grateful that he was able to visit us for Bench that day.

About Working with BENCH

It was in August last year when Kim Seon Ho became one of the faces of Bench, a leading lifestyle and clothing brand in the Philippines.

When asked about what he feels about being one of the brand’s ambassadors, he answered that he is very grateful about it and mentioned that when he came to the Philippines, he was able to go around and saw his giant picture at the riverside.

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He said that the staff and the chairman, Ben Chan, are so kind, and friendly, and treated him like a family that’s why he’s so happy. He added, “Maybe that’s the reason why Bench is a very successful brand because the chairman, himself is a trendsetter and very fashionable.”

His Fashion Style

Kim Seon Ho shared what he loves in Bench as a clothing brand, Mixing and matching clothing is not hard for him because there are various kinds of clothing in Bench. It is very comfortable to wear and stylish and he’s able to wear it daily.

He said he has two favorite shirts in Bench- The black one with “Manila” printed on it, which he wore at the airport when he arrived in the Philippines, and the one, he’s wearing at the press conference, a white shirt with “Bench” printed on it. He chose the style that he was wearing that day, he said he likes the style and he’s comfortable with it.

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Robi Domingo, the host of the event, and Kim Seon Ho were wearing the same shirt that day, Seon Ho said it was like a couple shirts, and they posed a heart sign together. They are so adorable!

His Secret Talent

Indeed, “Good things come to those who wait.”

It feels so surreal to me, I can’t believe I got to personally ask him a question that day, I was so nervous, and I felt like I am going to cry at that moment, I greeted him, “Annyeong Oppa, welcome back!” he responded, “Hello, thank you” while looking and smiling at me, Kilig!

“We are so happy to see you again here in the Philippines,” he looks so touched when I said that. Then I asked him what his secret talent is. He mentioned that he thought he was good at drawing, but he recently realized that he’s not good at it, so he doesn’t have a hidden talent yet. “I am still finding my hidden talent”, he added while laughing, he’s so adorable!

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He thanked everyone who came into the press conference. He is grateful because every time he comes to the Philippines, Filipinos give him the warmest welcome, “Salamat po” he concluded.

This is my second time meeting him in person, but this experience is extraordinary, it’s so precious to me as a big fan of his. This is one for the books. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank Bench so much for inviting the Annyeong Oppa and giving us this kind of opportunity, it means a lot to me, and I will cherish this precious moment forever.

Kim Seon Ho brought sunshine into my life, and I will love and support him all the way!

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