Kim Seon Ho and his romantic BENCH funmeet with PH Seonhohadas!

It may not be a Sunday, but Saturday night is surely romantic as Kim Seon Ho returns to Manila for his BENCH fun meeting! Filipino Seonhohadas warmly welcomed the good boy and chief!

Kim Seon Ho x BENCH fun meet Banner
Fans start to gather at the Smart Araneta Coliseum

Kim Seon Ho is the latest Global BENCH setter brought by BENCH to meet his lovely fans. The event was hosted by Robi Domingo, and the two exuded great chemistry! He greeted the press for a press conference before the event.  

And if you missed attending the event, here are some of the striking highlights throughout the evening:

Seonhohadas’ passionate welcome

Filipino fans were known for their loudest cheers! And to attest that, Filipino Seonhohadas welcomed Kim Seon Ho warmly, which overwhelmed the actor.

The crowd prepared a sweet message, much to the actor’s delight. In addition, fans screamed how much they loved him in three words: English, Tagalog, and Korean.

Afterward, Seon Ho expressed how he was emotional and happy by exclaiming, “Mahal din kita,” “Namiss kita,” and “Salamat po.”

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Guessing if the crowd went wild? Let this video tell you:

A few chitchats with Seon Ho

To open the night, there was an interesting segment where some of his photos were shown as he answered some questions related to them. One question asked him about his favorite actors, and Seon Ho then mentioned that he clearly doesn’t have a favorite.

However, he feels grateful to the senior actors and actresses. If it weren’t for his seniors, he wouldn’t be able to improve his skills and be better at his craft.

Another question added is if he is to choose a role to portray in the future, and Seon Ho happily recalled all the work he’s done. Despite this, he would still choose to portray a natural, ordinary, naive, and innocent character. Well, we’d be excited for that new role to fangirl over!

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Fun games and special memories with Seonhohadas

A highlight of every BENCH funmeet, some lucky fans were able to play games with the actor! Seon Ho broke a sweat as he played Spot the Difference between his photos! Additionally, he played Pinoy Henyo, in which he excelled, much to the audience’s surprise! 

Some lucky Seonhohadas got up to the stage to play games with the actor. They were able to guess his drawings – and take them home with his signature!

One of Seon Ho’s unexpected moments is that he didn’t believe that he would cook Tteokbokki in front of a large crowd!

The actor acclaimed:

By the way, these are the ingredients needed for Tteokbokki ala Kim Seon Ho:

  • Rice cake
  • Chili Paste
  • Sugar
  • Chili Powder
  • Green Onions (add White Onions if you only have a few greens)

The actor carefully prepared the famed Korean snack, which was tried by a lucky Seonhohada, Anna! The two were able to exchange some encouraging words for each other.

Kim Seon Ho Bench Fun Meet Anna

After his cooking session, the games continue, where he re-enacts some of his hit scenes with fans from his past works. Lucky fans chosen were able to receive a signed Bench shirt from Seon Ho.

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A romantic gift to the good boy

To end the night, Filipino Seonhohadas prepared a fan video thanking Kim Seon Ho. It’s been his second visit to the country this year, and the warmth he received remains the same. A happy Seon Ho concludes, “As an actor, I will cherish this day as an unforgettable memory. Salamat po.” 

Worry not, our good boy, because, for everyone present, we will cherish this day as our own unforgettable memory with you. 

Please remember that you are welcome in our country, whether for work or relaxation. We will welcome you with open arms and hearts! 

Special thanks to BENCH for once again bringing the amazing and humble Kim Seon Ho! 

Watch our #KrawlWithAnnyeongOppa clip below:

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