ENHYPEN to release 2nd OST for “DARK MOON: The Blood Altar” webtoon

K-Pop boy group, ENHYPEN is announced to release an upcoming track titled, “Criminal Love,” for their webtoon, “DARK MOON: The Blood Altar.”

“Criminal Love” is the 2nd OST for ENHYPEN’s webtoon, “DARK MOON: The Blood Altar.”

About “DARK MOON: The Blood Altar”

The story is set in a world where vampires and werewolves are rivals.

A girl named Sooha transfers to a school named Decelis Academy and encounters seven boys, Heli (based on Heeseung), Solon (based on Sunghoon), Jakah (based on Jungwon), Jaan (based on Jay), Shion (based on Sunoo), Jino (based on Jake), and Noa (based on Ni-ki). When the town starts to encounter supernatural incidents, Sooha gets caught up in the situations that might lead her to the boys’ mysterious identities…as well as unanswered questions from her past.

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“DARK MOON: The Blood Altar’s” 1st OST is “One in a Billion” which features scenes from the webtoon and the members acting as their webtoon characters.

“DARK MOON: The Blood Altar” storyline

The storyline of the webtoon was introduced in ENHYPEN’s “Drunk-Dazed” music video where the members are seen meeting up at a party, wearing uniforms like the ones seen in the webtoon.

Still from the music video “Drunk-Dazed”
Still from the music video “Drunk-Dazed”
Still from the webtoon “DARK MOON: The Blood Altar”
Still from the webtoon “DARK MOON: The Blood Altar”

DARK MOON’s storyline expanded and was featured in their next comeback songs, especially in “FEVER,” “Tamed-Dash,” “Future Perfect” (both in the Korean and Japanese versions), and in their “DARK BLOOD” Concept Trailer.

However, ENHYPEN’s vampire concept has been introduced since their debut with the song, “Given-Taken,” which already gave a glimpse of DARK MOON’s storyline.

A video of DARK MOON’s storyline was released to see how their promotional and music videos are connected.

Another webtoon called “DARK MOON: The Grey City” is set in the world of “The Blood Altar” but focuses on the story of the werewolves. The storyline is based on &Team’s werewolf concept.

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“Criminal Love” release details

“Criminal Love” is set to be digitally released on July 31, 2023, at 12:00 PM (KST) and will be pre-released on the latest episode of the webtoon on July 29, 2023, at 10:00 PM (KST).

ENGENEs, mark your calendars and get ready for ENHYPEN’s upcoming track!

While waiting, you can read “DARK MOON: The Blood Altar” on WEBTOON with new episodes released every Sunday.

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