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K-drama Recommendation: “The Sound of Your Heart”

Laugh your heart out with this comical K-drama!

The Sound of Your Heart
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Are you looking for a short but funny K-drama series to watch? Then, you should give “The Sound of Your Heart” a try. I assure you that this K-drama will definitely bring out different types of laughs that you can give off. With its unending jolly and hilarious scenes, I guess you can watch it non-stop and finish it in a day!

Originally, this popular webtoon turned into K-drama is created by Cho Seok. Starring Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Mi Kyung, Jung So Min, Kim Byeong Ok, and Kim Dae Myung, “The Sound of Your Heart” revolves around the funny life story of a cartoonist; as well as his daily experiences with his family and people around him.

This series was released in 2018, but it is not yet too late to watch it and we’ll give you 5 reasons why “The Sound of Your Heart” is a highly recommended K-drama.

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It teaches a lot of life lessons.

Screenshot from Netflix

It may be funny at first glance, but if you dig deeper, there are a lot of life lessons that you can learn from such as in aspects of pursuing your passion, dealing with family conflicts, daily life challenges, etc. You’ll definitely have fun and learn at the same time throughout its 10 episodes.

It stars amazing casts.

Source: Maria180493 from The Movie Database

As aforementioned, the casts in this drama include brilliant actors and actresses namely: Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Mi Kyung, Jung So Min, Kim Byeong Ok, and Kim Dae Myung. To know more about them, you can just look back and watch the interview below:

The casting in this K-drama suits brightly with artists’ roles. They will surely light up your mood with their funny and amazing moments in each episode. Certainly, there are no dull scenes throughout the series.

Of course, it has Lee Kwang Soo.

Screenshot from Netflix

Needless to say, it has Lee Kwang Soo. He definitely nailed his portrayal of the character of Cho Seok as he brought continuous laughter to the viewers. If you find him fun in watching “Running Man,” then you’ll also surely enjoy Kwang Soo’s role in “The Sound of Your Heart.”

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It depicts relatable daily life situations.

Screenshot from Netflix

As what is mentioned in its plot below, this K-drama revolves around the everyday life happenings of Cho Seok. Most scenes are truly relatable particularly when it comes to dealing with family matters. Moreover, it will also drag you to a new level of approach on how you view and evaluate things that you commonly experience in your daily life.

Based on Korea’s longest-running webtoon series, this comedy follows the ridiculous daily lives of a cartoonist, his girlfriend and his subpar family.

Plot from Netflix

Again, this series is beyond funny!

Screenshot from Netflix

…… and it gets funnier even after a series of rewatch! Personally, this is one of my go-to K-drama every time that I crave something to rewatch. Additionally, if you are also interested to read the webtoon where it originated, you can view it on LINE Webtoon’s official website and also in the Webtoon application.

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Also, this highly recommended 10-episode series is available for streaming on Netflix. Go watch it now, mga bes!

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