Last June 13, 2023, Japanese boy group, &TEAM released their comeback track, Firework.

The Japanese boy group released the music video for their track, Under the Skin, on November 21, 2022. &TEAM officially debuted on December 7, 2022, releasing their first EP ‘First Howling: ME.’

Here are some facts you need to know about the Japanese boy group.

They are managed under HYBE LABELS Japan

HYBE LABELS is known to be the home agency of BTS, SEVENTEEN, TXT, fromis_9, ENHYPEN, Le Sserafim, and BOYNEXTDOOR. The management branched out by opening a headquarters in Japan. To formally introduce their Japanese branch, &Team will be doing promotions in Japan and South Korea.

The members are the final members from the survival show, &Audition- The Howling

Out of the 15 trainees, 5 trainees were selected to be the final members, along with 4 fixed trainees to debut. The trainees are tasked to work in teams by covering songs from their seniors such as Tomorrow X Together, SEVENTEEN, and BTS. The final members of &Team are EJ (leader), Fuma (vice leader), K, Nicholas, Yuma, Jo, Harua, Taki, and Maki.

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You can watch &TEAM’s journey to debut on HYBE LABELS’ YouTube channel.

Four members were contestants from I-Land

K, Nicholas, EJ, and Taki, were part of the survival show, I-Land. This is where the group, ENHYPEN, participated before becoming the final members of the group. These four trainees were later introduced to debut in Hybe’s first Japanese boy group.

The group’s concept is werewolf

From the name of the survival show, The Howling, the final group will have a concept of werewolves. The storyline of their concepts is werewolves as shown in the group’s music video, Under the Skin.

&TEAM’s werewolf storyline is expanded in the webtoon DARK MOON: The Grey City. The webtoon’s storyline is in the same universe as DARK BLOOD: The Blood Altar which focuses on ENHYPEN’s vampire storyline. Members, K and EJ even had a cameo appearance in ENHYPEN’S music video, Drunk-Dazed before debuting.

Their fandom name is called LUNÉ

LUNÉ comes from the word, ‘luné,’ meaning moon. The fandom name surely matches the group’s werewolf concept. LUNÉ is also an acronym for ‘Light Up New Energy,’ meaning to light up &Team’s journey like the moon, becoming the driving energy for the group to move forward.

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Are you a LUNÉ too? What’s your favorite song of &TEAM? Share it with us in the comments below!

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