Filo-ENGENES, have you been feeling FEVER-ish lately?

That’s because the South Korean boy group, ENHYPEN is now part of the Bench family!

The official PR video with their collaboration with Bench has been released today, July 1, 2023. They are formally introduced as part of the Global Bench Setters, also known as international ambassadors for the Filipino clothing line.

Last June 28, 2023, Bench teased fans by releasing a video teaser of a polaroid with a printed picture with the slogan, “Start your engines.” The teaser is an inside joke about the fandom name and ENHYPEN’s song, ‘Polaroid Love.’

Filo-ENGENEs were quick to guess that ENHYPEN will be Bench’s newest ambassadors and have been excited since.

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Lately, ENHYPEN has been packed with their busy schedule due to their recent comeback, music show promotions, and their Pokémon collaboration, releasing their upcoming song, ‘One and Only.’

However, ENGENES always see to it to support ENHYPEN by purchasing merchandise, viewing their music videos, and streaming their songs.

Previous K-Pop groups have also endorsed Bench such as Stray Kids and ITZY.

South Korean actors have also become endorsers for the clothing brand such as Kim Seonho, Ahn Hyeoseop, Wi Ha Jun, Kim Soo Hyun, Hyunbin, Ji Chang Wook, Park Seo Joon, and Park Hyungsik.

Filo-ENGENES are still speculating if ENHYPEN will have a fan meeting like how the previous K-Pop groups did. However, no news has been released yet but fans are willing to wait for an official announcement to be released soon.

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