No doubt that all members of ENHYPEN are talented and great performers. But for this one, we will be focusing on one member—Lee Heeseung.

Lee Heeseung of ENHYPEN has been given the nickname “ace” since his pre-debut days. From his vocals, dance, and stage presence, Heeseung has been attracting fans’ attention every time he performs on stage.

Still don’t know why? Here are seven times Heeseung proved he is an ace who deserves the nickname.

Performed NCT U’s ‘Boss’ on his own

NCT U’s choreographies are very powerful and since it was made for a group, it could be difficult to pull off with just one person performing the song. But Heeseung was able to deliver a memorable and iconic performance in the survival show when he performed the song on his own.

During the first episode of I-Land, Heeseung wow-ed the trainees, mentors, and CEO Bang Hyunsik for his vocals, dance, and stage presence.

Flexed his perfect pitch

Ever since Heeseung debuted with ENHYPEN, he has been sharing how he had a perfect pitch. He can simply identify notes just by listening to them.

In ENHYPEN’s ‘Weekly Idol’ episode, SUPER JUNIOR’s Eunhyuk played the ‘Re’ note and Heeseung was able to identify it just by listening. Enhyuk wanted to test Heeseung’s talent more by playing two notes at the same time and he got it right again. Finally, Heeseung really proved his talent when Eunhyuk played three notes at the same time and…you guessed it, he got it right!

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Since then, Heeseung has been sharing his talent in their future TV guestings as well in ENHYPEN’s YouTube game show, ‘EN-O’CLOCK.’

Showcased his honey-like vocals

Aside from performing with his group, Heeseung’s vocals really stand out. He can sing with emotions that feel so raw and his vocal range is high and smooth.

Since Heeseung has perfect pitch, it is not surprising he can sing notes well and match the highness or lowness according to the melody.

To also add, Heeseung can sing English songs that his pronunciation is clear and fluent.

Helped direct in their comeback track, ‘Bite Me’

Heeseung stepped in to help direct on how the members should sing their parts in their comeback track, ‘Bite Me.’

During their recording sessions, Heeseung would demonstrate in detail how the tone and style should be sung in every word and lyric. No doubt, his directing worked that the members were able to sing it well during their later performances. Plus, he commends and praises his member whenever they sang their lines well.


Not to mention, Heeseung was the one who sang and thought of his adlibs for their comeback track.

Performed with powerful dance moves

As mentioned, Heeseung amazed people with his dance skills during his pre-debut days. He was given the opportunity to showcase his dance skills more in his solo performance on MAMA last 2021, along with other 4th Generation idols known for their dance skills.

Even though the performance was short and the camera shot was zoomed out, you can definitely see Heeseung dance with power that can make you say, “WOW!”

Played video games like a pro

Aside from being an idol, Heeseung also likes to play video games like any gamer in his spare time. He showed a graph of his scores and he was number one and beat two teams! Heeseung also mentioned that his average score is an ‘S minus (S-)’ which is the highest score in video gaming.

Without a doubt, Heeseung can definitely pass as a professional e-sports gamer!

Played basketball like a pro

Aside from playing video games, Heeseung is also knowledgeable in sports, especially basketball.

In his basketball vlog with Jake, both of them watched ‘Slam Dunk’ and Heeseung was able to share some personal and realistic defense strategies in basketball. And he was able to show his knowledge not only by speaking but also when he played with Jake, his older brother, their manager, and some friends.

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Special mention: A great and caring hyung to his dongsaengs

Aside from having great skills and his ace-like talents, Heeseung also has a good and caring personality. With him being the eldest member of ENHYPEN, he never forgets to be their hyung and watch out for his younger members.

It’s normal for friends to have arguments, and in this case, a new group that barely knew each other. When Sunghoon shared that he got into an argument with ENHYPEN in their debut days, Heeseung talked to and comforted him.

These are only a few qualities Heeseung has shown to audiences and ENGENES. With him continuously showing his qualities, this won’t be the last time he will be showing unexpected and great skills.

Heeseung may have reached far with ENHYPEN but he and ENGENES know that he still has a long way to go. Of course, ENGENES will always be there to support him no matter what.

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