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Revenant tells a story of a woman named Gu San Yeong who loses her father due to mysterious death. She discovers the enigma behind her cursed existence when she meets a man named, Yeom Hae Sang who can see evil spirits. They will work together to uncover a demonic doorway and break the curse that has destroyed both of their families.

The Characters

Kim Tae Ri plays the role of Gu San Yeong. After the success of her previous drama, Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, I am so delighted that I get to see her again in this series but in a different genre this time. Here I am again getting awed by Kim Tae Ri’s versatility in acting. She already showed it off in the first two episodes of the series and I am excited to see more of it in the following episodes. What a great character transition from Na Hee Do to Gu San Yeong! Goosebumps!

On the other hand, Oh Jung Se is here also, he portrays the role of a folklore professor named Yeom Hae Sang. I previously watched him in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and it is great to see him with different colors in his role this time. I am looking forward to Yeom Hae Sang and Gu San Yeong’s tandem on how they will uncover a demonic doorway and break the curse.

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What’s even more exciting is that there’s this charismatic lieutenant named Lee Hong Sae personates by actor Hong Kyung. When I watched the first two episodes, I observed that he has a mysterious vibe, so I am curious if he will help San Yeong and Hae Sang to solve the case or if is he an enemy of them. I have to find this out!

The Mystery

There are a lot of mysteries to solve in this drama and it is so mind-blowing, I am so immersed with the characters, I feel like I am one of them, I think a lot of theories about the mystery behind the cursed existence of San Yeong, how San Yeong’s father related to Hae Sang’s mother. The backstories of the vengeful spirits, how they turned into being that one. I am eager to know the connections of the main characters of the story.

The first two episodes are already breathtaking, and I am looking forward to more of it in the next episodes. Things are getting more and more intense. I can’t wait for more episodes to come. I am not into this kind of genre, but because of this series, I started to like it na!

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Revenant is now available for streaming on Disney+! Watch it here.

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