Actor Kim Myungsoo is back + get ready for a thrilling ride with the newest K-drama, “Numbers”!

After a brief hiatus from military enlistment, actor Kim Myungsoo, also known as L, is making a much-anticipated comeback with his newest drama ‘Numbers.’ His fans are delighted to see him return to the screen and showcase his acting prowess once again.

Image Source: MBC

Now, with his return, fans eagerly await his upcoming projects and anticipate the depth and emotion he will bring to his characters. Myungsoo’s ability to immerse himself in diverse roles and convey a range of emotions has consistently impressed viewers.


Jang Ho Woo, portrayed by Kim Myungsoo, is employed as an accountant at Taeil Accounting Firm, one of South Korea’s prominent accounting firms. Despite holding only a high school diploma, Ho Woo possesses remarkable intelligence, distinguishing him from his colleagues. Within the firm, he encounters various absurd situations and becomes a champion for justice.

Image Source: MBC

Concurrently, Han Seung Jo, played by Choi Jin Hyuk, is also a member of Taeil Accounting Firm. With a flawless background and the added advantage of his father serving as a vice president within the company, Seung Jo represents the epitome of privilege and success.

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With his comeback, fans can expect to witness Kim Myungsoo’s growth as an actor and experience the captivating stories he will bring to the screen. His return is sure to create a buzz in the industry and reignite the excitement surrounding his talent.

Image Source: MBC

As he embarks on new projects, we can look forward to witnessing his artistry and celebrating his talent once again.

Welcome back, Kim Myungsoo!

‘Numbers’ is available for streaming on Viu. Watch it here.

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