If you love the thrill of solving the mystery, puzzling fragments of details, and suspenseful series of actions- consider the drama series “Big Mouth” on your what-to-watch list!

Here are the reasons that will make you drawn and invested in this drama.

1. The storyline betweenDeath, The Fool, The Tower, and Judgement”

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Big Mouth is a noir, legal, and crime genre that tackles the different societal issues in the community including anomalies and conspiracies.

The story is about unfolding the motives of every individual by using the righteous law and justice.

Tarot Card Number 13: Death – symbolizes an end of life, relationship, or changes in interest. [Photo source: mbcdrama_now]

Death. It started when Seo Jae Yong, a doctor at Gucheon University Hospital was found dead in the trunk of a car. The arrested primary suspects who committed the crime are Han Jae Ho, Lee Doogeun, and Jung Chaebong.

Tarot Card Number 0: The Fool – symbolizes recklessness, bad decision, or inexperience. [Photo Source: mbcdrama_now]

The Fool. Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), a defense legal counsel with a less than 10% success rate was appointed and chosen by the mayor to represent the murder case involving some privileged individuals. It happened that he was dragged in between to do foolish actions as it was already planned out.

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On the other hand, Ko Mi-Ho (Im Yoona) is part of the medical team and a supportive wife of Chang Ho.

Who would’ve thought that in the middle of celebrating their anniversary is the beginning of turning their relationship into a doubtful, confusing, and unexpected one?

Tarot Card Number 16: The Tower – symbolizes destruction or somewhat a blessing in disguise. [Photo Source: mbcdrama_now]

Chang Ho was called “Big Mouth” by his acquaintances for running his mouth and just talking before acting. There was suddenly a twist of fate wherein his life and family were put in danger situation as he was allegedly misled by the people as the con man known as “Big Mouse.”

Tarot Card Number 20: Judgement – symbolizes awakening or revealing the truth. [Photo Source: mbcdrama_now]

Judgment. Throughout the episodes, Chang Ho and Miho are bound to meet persons and ponder who is considered an alliance or the ones that will deceive them.

Does their relationship as husband and wife will conquer the better and worse scenarios and become stronger as they face the series of events wherein their fate lies in their own hands?

2. The Plot of “Unveiling the real identity of Big Mouse”

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Who is Big Mouse?”

There was some rumor that physically he is someone who works in law or has a huge rat tattoo on the back or even a brutal woman. No one has a concrete and profound outlook of what Big Mouse looks like.

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“Big Mouse” is linked to the different issues in society such as fraud, illegal loans, and gambling sites and with this involvement, he/she was considered the sought-after genius con man.

Everyone is having different hunches, wild guesses, and rambling discussions about who is the notorious person behind the pseudonym “Big Mouse.”

Each episode will be left you with an ‘awe’ expression! Your instinct and trust will be tested along the way. Mind-blowing hypotheses and explanations wrapped the flow of the storyline of unveiling the real “Big Mouse.”

Every character will give you doubt. The ideas brought excitement to the viewers and expected much more revelation throughout the episodes.

3. The character “Twist of Fate”

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Undeniably, the set of characters had created an impact in terms of portraying their roles very well. They bring out different emotions and unexpected twists.

You wouldn’t notice that some are living behind the shadows until they reveal their true identities. Some are left unscathed because of their social status. And those people who unwillingly become a victim.

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4. The tandem “Lee Jong Suk and Im Yoona”

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Park Chang Ho and Ko Mi Ho are tagged as “HoHo couple”, which shows undeniable chemistry that makes our hearts flip-flop in extreme happiness and in between.

They reflect the reality of a wedded couple and support each other through the lows and highs.

Moreover, after 2 years of patiently waiting, Lee Jong Suk is back after his military enlistment with his first drama series project!

5. The cameo of “Duo Next Door”

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Watch out! As actor Yoo Su Bin and Kim Do Wan participated in a special appearance in one of the episodes.

Don’t miss out on this episode wherein they played the role of hard-headed neighbors, and created a ruckus.

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