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8 Essential Red Velvet Songs You Should Have On Your Playlist

Written by: Gerrica Viado

Since making their debut in 2014, Red Velvet has cemented their place in the K-Pop industry with a versatile discography other groups dream of.

The group’s name, Red Velvet, reflects the musical style they’re famous and loved for. The group’s “red” side is composed of predominantly pop songs, while their “velvet” side is mostly ‘90s-influenced R&B songs.

The group’s versatility and lack of fear of experimenting with different sounds and concepts earned them love, recognition, and critical acclaim not just in South Korea but worldwide.

Amidst the group’s versatile discography, here are eight essential Red Velvet songs every fan should have on their playlist:

8. Ice Cream Cake (from Ice Cream Cake, 2015)

No Red Velvet’s best songs list is ever complete without the single that launched the group into new heights of popularity and stardom.

It’s an explosion of flavors, exactly what you would expect from your favorite slice of ice cream cake.

Their first solo single release to feature the complete five-member lineup, the song is fresh and delicious. Even to this day, Ice Cream Cake proves itself to be an unskippable track.

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7. Zimzalabim (from The ReVe Festival Day 1, 2019)

Zimzalabim is weird and undoubtedly controversial when it first came out. The song divided fans and general listeners into two groups: those who loved it and those who hated it. There was no in-between.

With the first listen, Red Velvet’s Zimzalabim track can cause head scratches and scrunched noses. But the more you listen to it, the more it becomes addicting and sort of enchanting.

And in no time, you will find yourself contagiously chanting “Zimzalabim, zim-zimzalabim, Zim-zimzalabim, zim-zim” on repeat.

6. Be Natural (feat. Taeyong, 2014)

Red Velvet’s 2014 single, Be Natural, isn’t actually an original. Instead, it’s a remake of S.E.S. ‘s 2000 hit, their senior group from the same company.

The song perfectly establishes the group’s “velvet” side and showcases their versatility as singers and performers.

Moreover, it gives fans an early introduction to NCT’s Taeyong.

5. Feel My Rhythm (from The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm)

Feel My Rhythm starts with a sample of Bach’s “Air on the G String” and layers elegance, gracefulness, and sophistication together.

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The layers of soft instrumentals and beats make it the perfect soundtrack come springtime.

4. Sassy Me (from RBB, 2018)

Sassy Me is all sexy and playful. The song is vocal fry galore and is definitely eargasm-inducing.

While it is a different sound than what Reveluvs are used to, the track is nothing short of what one would expect from the Concept Queens themselves.

3. In My Dreams (from The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm)

Red Velvet is known for their vocal prowess and soothing harmonies. Their In My Dreams track showcases all that and more.

It’s dreamy and alluring. The members’ harmonies fill your ears and could easily drift you off to sleep as their 2022 EP release comes to an end.

2. Psycho (from The ReVe Festival Finale, 2019)

Seulgi’s and Wendy’s opening falsettos in the group’s Psycho track could send listeners to a whole different dimension.

The song is simple yet mysterious. It also lets the girls’ vocals and harmonies shine through against a rather simple backdrop of instruments.

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And at the height of the pandemic and lonely home isolation, the line: “hey now, we’ll be okay” was all the assurance we needed.

1. Red Flavor (from The Red Summer, 2017)

Red Flavor was undeniably one of 2017’s summer “it” songs. The song was heard everywhere upon its release, earning the girls the title Summer Queens, one of their many great feats.

The song became one of the group’s best-selling tracks, making it their must-listen signature song. It became such a hit that they even performed it in North Korea.

It’s fun, upbeat, and infectious. This is the perfect song to dance to when you feel the season getting warm. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Red Velvet song if it isn’t quirky.

If you’re ready to hear and witness Red Velvet’s unique charm, catch them live on May 7 at the Mall of Asia Arena as they make Manila one of their stops in their fourth concert tour, R to V.

See you there!

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