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BTOB’s latest album ‘Wind and Wish’ takes you on a journey through time and emotion

Written by Wendy Almasen

Prepare for another emotional roller coaster as BTOB releases their 12th mini album!

Wind and Wish give both a nostalgic and hopeful vibe with their tracks and concept images.

The Wind concept offers BTOB in retro styles and takes you on a short walk into memory lane.

While their Wish concept showcases a more friendly, younger vibe – one that is looking forward to what the future holds. 

Both these concepts perfectly give an ode to the happy, wistful memories at the beginning of spring and the excitement of the nearing summer. 

Their songs also emit a more mature aura unveiled in their audio snippet – leaning unto rock and jazzy tunes.  The music video teaser hints of a cinematic video.  Their title track overwhelms with powerful vocals while delving into deep, meaningful lyrics. The “Whoa” lingers in the mind, and already foretells the beautiful harmony between Melody and BTOB.  Their jollier, more upbeat songs – Day&Night and Moon Ride – shows off their sexy and hypnotic voices. On the other hand, Heaven and Your Love were more sentimental and symphonic.  True to BTOB, all songs are memorable, and moving.  

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Most of the members had a hand in writing and composing the songs for Wind and Wish. This album is definitely another treat for Melody, and for casual listeners looking for something calm and dreamy. 

Let’s all look forward to Wind and Wish being released on different music platforms on May 2, 2023, at 6 PM KST!

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