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aespa’s mini-album ‘My World’ surpasses 1.52 Million pre-orders!

Metaverse girl group, aespa once again proved their place in the music scene as their upcoming mini-album ‘My World’ recorded an impressive 1.52 Million pre-orders.

SM Entertainment announced on April 24 that aespa’s upcoming mini-album “My World,” set to be released on May 8, has already garnered 1.52 million pre-orders. This impressive achievement marks their second consecutive album to sell over a million copies within a week of pre-order.

After surpassing 1.8 million cumulative sales with their second mini-album “Girls” released in July of last year, aespa became million-sellers based on the circle chart. Now, with their upcoming album, they are set to achieve another milestone in their career.

On May 2nd, aespa will pre-release single “Welcome To MY World,” followed by the release of their highly-anticipated mini-album “My World” on May 8th. The album is set to feature the lead track “Spicy.”

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