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Red Velvet’s Joy confirmed to sing an OST for webtoon drama “Romance 101”

Our Tone fairy Joy is back with a new song!

It was revealed on April 8 that Joy will sing the next OST for the webtoon drama Romance 101 called “Why Is Love Never Easy?“.

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The song tells about the lead character’s struggles while being in a relationship. Joy joins various artists such as Lee Hi, Loco, 10cm, XIA, Yang Yoseob, Apink Eunji and others who initially performed the drama’s soundtrack.

Moreover, Joy also sang Hospital Playlist‘s OST “Introduce Me A Good Person” last year. It became a huge hit that earned her a Bonsang nomination at the 2020 Melon Music Awards.

Screenshot from Introduce Me A Good Person M/V

While waiting for the song’s release on April 15 at 6pm KST, you may rewatch and listen to Joy’s honey voice on the video below.

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