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On “Breaking Bad” of VXON: Unleashing confidence, transpiring comfort

Tag along with VXON and prepare to break bad!

Photo from: VXON

PPOP boy group VXON is back with their newest single “Breaking Bad,” released on March 31.

VXON, debuted in 2022, captivated a lot of fans through their undeniable talent, dynamic music concepts coupled with appealing visuals.

Ending March with a bang through their newest single “Breaking Bad” and started off April with the official music video release, VXON is indeed one of the PPOP groups that PPOP fans should look forward to as well.

More about VXON

VXON is a PPOP boy group of Cornerstone Entertainment and Republic Records Philippines consisting of five members: C13, Patrick, Sam, Franz, and Vince.

In Annyeong Oppa’s virtual interview with VXON, they imparted how they view themselves as a PPOP group.

VXON’s leader C13 expressed their group as members coming together to exhibit their passion to inspire others through music.

As per Franz, they want VXON to be a source of comfort to their fans and listeners.

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“This year, […] our goal is to explore more on our music, on our more relatable side,” shared Franz.

Switching from light and dark concepts, VXON wanted to put in an appearance to a new image that they wanted to explore and characterize with.

VXON’s “Breaking Bad”

According to VXON, along with unleashing self-confidence, “Breaking Bad” also conveys the message to people to be more comfortable in their own skin.

With their diverse creativity in the official music video, talent and passion are showcased and the song’s message is shown beyond doubt.

VXON also shared a common ground between their debut single “The Beast” and newest single “Breaking Bad” and in essence, it is on unleashing confidence.

As of writing, the official audio, lyric video, and music video are already out on YouTube. Official audio is also available for streaming on other music platforms. For further details, view this post.

Moreover, earlier this year, Republic Records Philippines welcomed VXON as well as G22, Yes My Love, and AJAA with PPOP Radar. This PPOP Radar by Republic Records Philippines served as a warm welcoming event to VXON, G22, Yes My Love, and AJAA of Cornerstone Entertainment as they feature the power and potential instilled in rising Ppop groups.

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Currently, PPOP groups of Cornerstone Entertainment namely VXON, G22, Yes My Love, and AJAA are all under Republic Records Philippines.

Screenshot from: CS Entertainment YouTube Channel

To get to know more about VXON, you can follow them on their social media pages and account:


Stream “Breaking Bad” now!

Featured photo from: VXON

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