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SUGA: Road to D-Day, Now Streaming on Disney+!

Min Yoongi more popularly known as Suga of BTS and his stage name Agust D is back with a new album!

His latest work, D-Day, is the culmination of a trilogy, introduced by his earlier releases: Agust D and D-2.  The 10-track album which is set for an April 21 release, will include songs featuring collaborations with IU, J-Hope, Woosung of The Rose and the late Ryuichi Sakamoto.

From the surprise announcement of the D-Day World Tour last February 14, ARMYs are eagerly waiting for what Suga has in store this 2023. Counting the days to the album release, no Yoongi stan would have missed streaming the pre-launch contents from Hybe, his show guestings and interviews (notably in IU’s Palette) and that jaw-dropping magazine cover (indeed a Valentino!) in Marie Claire.

In partnership with Disney+, his much-awaited documentary, Suga: Road to D-Day, will be broadcasted on the same date as the album release. Annyeong Oppa was invited to screen in advance this exclusive content and here’s a spoiler-free preview of what to expect on the film’s own D-Day *wink*.

 “The day that we liberate ourselves from these negative thoughts, that’s the starting point for this album.” – Suga on why he called his album D-Day

The 81-minute film will give a snapshot of Suga’s creative process in putting together his latest record. By spending time in Las Vegas, Malibu, San Francisco, Pyeongchang, Chuncheon, Tokyo and Seoul, he goes head on with his writer’s block and searched for new stories to tell about. It’s a journey that will take his audience on a ride to witness the good, the bad and the dream that fuels his music-making.

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From seeking inspiration and finding fun in travelling, hanging out and jamming with musician friends and meeting his most favorite ongaku no sensei (music teacher), Suga shared his deep thoughts about his music in this documentary. No doubt he takes his craft very seriously and is approaching it today with a more grown-up perspective. His beats are more toned-down now and lyrically melancholic, but his sharp words and mad rap skills continue to be a trademark in his new songs. Spitting facts is what Agust D is known for, only this time, you no longer hear his insecurities crying. His words are now echoing, “I’ve made it!” sans the loathing and disdain.

Packed with awe-mazing live performances too, ARMYs will surely be thrilled to see a different Agust D in this special documentary. He’s becoming more experimental, more inspired and more kind to himself in his 30’s. A paradigm shift he openly accepts.

In a cut-throat industry where idols are seemed to be taken less seriously, Agust D is out to prove that music-making is a free form of artistry. While never free from unjust criticisms, every unsung story must enjoy the freedom to be told.

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It’s been 10 years since the world was introduced to BTS. The group may be on a hiatus until 2025 but what was once feared as an uncertain future is very clear now.  This pause is leading them to where they should be at, their BEST.

D-Day is probably Suga’s most personal album to date. This record will introduce Agust D to the world. Not that he needs any more introduction but because his genius and music will naturally speak for it.

SUGA: Road to D-Day is now available for streaming in Disney+.

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