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Eric Nam wants SB19 to guest on his “KPOP Daebak” podcast

Daebak! Eric Nam wants SB19 to join his podcast!

During the Globe Kmmunity PH live session last August 13, Eric Nam mentioned that he is looking forward to guest SB19 on his KPOP Daebak podcast.

“There is one group that I’ve been looking at, it’s SB19 and I would love to have them on the show,” shares Eric Nam when he is asked about the possibility of guesting OPM artists on his podcast.

Meanwhile, Eric Nam just released his latest mini-album “The Other Side” last July.

Stream it below:

Recently, SB19 broke its own record by achieving its peak position at 2nd rank in Billboard Social 50 Chart and 6th place in Emerging Artists.

You can also stream SB19’s debut album Get in the Zone here:

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It would be a great combo seeing Eric Nam and SB19 in a single podcast! A’TIN and Nam Nation are surely looking forward to this episode in KPOP Daebak podcast!

Are we getting Eric Nam and SB19 interaction soon? Stay tuned!

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