On April 20, Mnet’s audition survival program ‘Boys Planet’ has come to an end.

Boys Planet, the male counterpart of the 2021 talent search “Girls Planet 999,” which presented the rise of the girl group Kep1er, started with 98 trainees and ended with 9 trainees to debut as a new group.

Star Master, Hwang Minhyun an alumnus of Produce 101 revealed that the new boy group will promote under the name ‘ZEROBASEONE’ or ZB1′.

Photo courtesy of ZB1 on Facebook

The first trainee who made the final cut is the BL Actor turned idol, Kim Ji-Woong garnering 1,338,984 votes.

screen grabbed from MNET’s livestream

Next was Kim GyuVin from Yuehua Entertainment at No. 7 with 1, 346, 105 points, followed by Kim Taere from WakeOne Entertainment at No. 6 with 1, 349, 595 points.

Meanwhile, Park Gun Wook from Jellyfish Entertainment placed at No. 5 with 1,386,039 points.

Followed by Ricky from Yuehua Entertainment at rank 4 with 1, 572, 089 points, and MNH Entertainment’s beat Seok Matthew at No. 3 with 1, 702, 174 points. 

In addition, Sung Hanbin from STUDIO GL1DE with 1, 888, 414 points finishes at Rank 2.

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The plot twist of the season — the first non-Korean to be the center of a group coming from a survival show. From Yuehua Entertainment, Zhang Hao with 1, 998, 154 points.

Lastly, to complete the line-up with a total vote of 1,196, 622 it was Han Yujin from Yuehua Entertainment.

‘ZEROBASEONE’ will be promoting for two and half years under WakeOne Entertainment.

Congratulations and keep shining, ZB1!

Photo courtesy of MNet
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