Lee Sung Kyung and Loco talks about their ideal type in “Duet Mate”

Biblee X Loco special collaboration is just around the corner!

On July 2, Dingo Music released the second episode of the reality show featuring Lee Sung Kyung and Loco’s production of their upcoming song, Love (prod Rocoberry).

In the previous episode, Lee Sung Kyung along with Rocoberry sang a welcome song for Loco through video call.

In the newly released episode, Sung Kyung, Loco, Berry and Roco finally met each other and they really had a good time while producing their song.

(Screenshot via Dingo Music)

Since their song is love song, Roco and Berry asked Sung Kyung and Loco about their ideal type.

(Screenshot via Dingo Music)

Loco said that his ideal type is someone like a comfortable friend who can lead him to fully show his self. He also added that he definitely like active people.

(Screenshot via Dingo Music)

While Sung Kyung said that her ideal type is gradually disappearing as she get older and that regardless of age and gender, it’s just a person. It’s always human to human for her.

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At the last part of the episode, Loco sang his rap part, giving us hint of what it will be like.

(Screenshot via Dingo Music)

The last episode featuring Lee Sung Kyung and Loco’s special collaboration will air next week, July 9 at 6 PM, KST on Dingo Music’s YouTube channel.

The most awaited collaboration of Lee Sung Kyung X Loco will be a digital release through various music sites on July 4 at 6 PM, KST.

Are you all excited?!

Watch the latest episode here:

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