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PH fans had their “Heavenly Moment” with Kim Mingue in his first fan meeting in Manila!

When you are with someone who inspires you and brings joy to your life, that’s Heaven!

Proudly presented by Rise Media Philippines, Kim Mingue successfully held his first fan meeting in Manila last April 14 at New Frontier Theater.

Let us all reminisce about the heavenly moments with Kim Min Gue in his fan meeting here in Manila.

First Part

PH Fans welcomed Kim Mingue with their loudest cheers as he serenaded them with one of the official soundtracks of his drama, A Business Proposal titled, Love, Maybe.

While he was singing, we felt the butterflies bes, we were so captivated by his great singing voice and the fact that he was finally here right in front of our eyes made our hearts skip a beat.

Giselle Sanchez, the host of the event asked Mingue how his life is lately and he responded that he is completing the different schedules that are set for him and whenever he didn’t have any schedules, he takes a rest at home.

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Kim Mingue loves taking pictures so in the first segment called “Daily Moments” the fans had their chance to know more about him through various photos. He talked about his previous drama, This is My First Life, his three cats, his hobby, which is playing video games, and some behind-the-scenes from his recent drama, Heavenly Idol.

Kim Mingue mentioned that whenever he takes pictures, he wants to share how he feels after a long day and wants to try to remember the different atmosphere and moods that he was feeling when he was taking the pictures.

They briefly talked about his previous drama, A Business Proposal where he played the role of Cha Sung Hoon, and mentioned that he loves his character there. Mingue as well shared that his co-stars In Ah and Sejeong were the mood makers on the set.

On the other hand, when they talked about his recently ended drama, The Heavenly Idol, he said that when he was filming, he learned what being an idol is and realized that being an idol is really hard.

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Moreover, fans voted for their best scenes and two lucky fans had the chance to reenact iconic scenes from A Business Proposal and The Heavenly Idol. Sana all!

In the segment called “Idol Moment: School”, he did an ending fairy pose, wore a king’s costume, and learned some Filipino phrases. He’s so adorable!

The first part ended with a video of Kim Mingue playing.

Second Part

Kim Mingue came back on the stage looking so handsome wearing yellow-orange long sleeves.

Lucky fans played games with him, they played a staring game, limbo, and cup stacking game and the winners got a signed cap.

We also played a TMI OX Quiz with him and a lucky winner got a Polaroid photo which was signed by him. A personalized key ring which was personally made by Kim Mingue was also given to a lucky fan.

PH fans prepared a surprise video message for him and Kim Mingue is so touched by it. Look at his genuine reaction.

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He said he was thankful for this fan meeting. He is also thankful because every time he has a fan meeting, he gets to make wonderful memories together. He makes sure that through the cheers of his fans, he will continue to join different projects, taking different roles so that he can give us the smile that we deserve.

Kim Mingue once again serenaded fans with the song Suddenly, OST of The Heavenly Idol.

The event wrapped up with a hi-bye session with Kim Mingue and a photo opportunity with him.

Thank you so much Rise Media Philippines for this amazing experience, and for bringing our beloved Heavenly Idol, Kim Mingue here. Words can’t express how much we are so happy that we finally got to see him in flesh. We will treasure this precious moment forever.

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