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Fun facts and trivia about the charismatic “Heavenly Idol”, Kim Mingue!

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With his smile, everyone’s hearts were captivated. Kim Mingue is one of those Korean actors who has an irresistible charm and has already proven his versatility in acting in various dramas.

Wanna know more about this talented artist? Here are fun facts and trivia about him.

He is a Christmas baby

(Image Source: mingue.k)

Kim Mingue is born on December 25, 1994. He’s an angel from above.

His MBTI personality type is ENFP


ENFP (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving)- people with this type of personality describes as talkative, friendly, intelligent, curious, fun-loving, caring, considerate, gentle, and sensitive.

Destined to be a great actor

In his interview with The Star Magazine Korea, he shared that there are so many fun works when he was young, and he wanted to be part of that. It’s his vague dream for a kid. He began acting imitating Power Rangers as he gets excited watching it. He finally made it; his vague dream became a reality as he turned into an established great and versatile actor.

A versatile actor under Companion Company

Companion Company is a newly established agency and Kim Min Gue is the first artist who joined them.

Happy Tribe Entertainment was his former agency.

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Acting debut and first drama lead role

(Image Source: mingue.k)

It was in 2013 when he debuted as an actor with Monstar. In 2018, he landed his first short drama lead role with Drunk in Good Taste alongside actress Kim Hyang Gi. Mingue played the role of Lee Yeon Nam in the said 2-episode drama.

First historical drama

(Image Source: mingue.k)

Kim Mingue landed his first historical drama role in the 2019 series, Queen: Love and War, and played the role of King Lee Kyung. The drama received so much love from all the viewers.

He is a good singer

Kim Mingue is not only a versatile actor but also a superb singer. He has a sweet voice that will surely melt your heart when you start to listen to it. He appeared in I Can See Your Voice Season 4 and showed off his captivating voice by singing 10 Reasons for I Love You.

He also had his OST appearance in the dramas, Special Law on Romance and Drunk in Good Taste.

He once received an offer to become an Idol

He once received an offer to be part of an Idol group but he’s not a good dancer, so he pursued the path of becoming an actor instead.

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He’s a good swimmer

Mingue wanted to become a swimmer, He swam for about 9 to 10 years. He did freestyle and he likes doing all sorts of water sports.

He got his dimples from his father

(Image Source: mingue.k)

According to Kim Mingue, his family on his father’s side, all have dimples so they’re hereditary. He said he’s confident about his eyes and his dimples.

He doesn’t like drinking alcohol

Kim Mingue doesn’t like to drink alcohol, since he’s not good at it. He said he doesn’t feel good when he drinks alcohol.

Kim Mingue likes spicy food

Kim Mingue likes to eat spicy foods.

He is a cat lover

(Image Source: mingue.k)

He is a cat lover, he has cats namely Sian, Coon, and Shami. Sian is the first cat he adopted, Coon and Shami were abandoned cats that he rescued.

He likes his eyebrows and his back the most

When was interviewed in Cosmopolitan Korea, he was asked what part he likes the most on his face and his body. He answered he likes his eyebrows and his back.

He loves working out

He also shared in his interview with Cosmopolitan Korea that when he is working out, he works out his back the most. He does chin-ups and pulls to create that upside-down triangle. He said that he is confident with his back.

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His recent drama

(Image Source: mingue.k)

He pulled off his role in the recently ended webtoon-based drama, The Heavenly Idol where he played the dual role of Woo Yeon Woo and Rembrary.

The Business Proposal, Snowdrop, Backstreet Rookie, and Perfume were some of the remarkable dramas in which he appeared.

Military enlistment

It was announced in November last year that Kim Mingue will soon enlist in the military. He has not yet received a draft notice but he is now preparing for it since he is now at the age where he should be fulfilling his duty to his country.

Aw! We’ll surely miss him when he already enlists in the military.

Moreover, PH fans had a chance to see him in the flesh as he will be having his first fan meeting in Manila on April 14.

Grab your tickets now via TicketNet outlets nationwide or here and don’t miss the chance to have a heavenly moment with him.

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