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Get ready to experience the magic as New Global Pop Boy Group HORI7ON hosts their first ever fan meeting!

After coming back from their recent mall show, HORI7ON is back in Manila to prepare for their most awaited first-ever fan meeting this coming Saturday.

HORI7ON, the seven-member Filipino boy group under MLD Entertainment, was created through the ABS-CBN idol reality-survival program called Dream Maker. The group is set to stay in the Philippines and is scheduled to fly to South Korea for their debut in June 2023.

Yesterday, the group successfully held a press conference in anticipation of their first-ever fan meeting, which is set to take place this Saturday.

With excitement in the air, the members of HORI7ON arrived at their press conference with beaming smiles and greeted all the media partners in attendance.

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When the members were asked about the most challenging and most enjoyable parts of their training, Marcus mentioned that synchronization was the toughest since there are seven members in the group and they have to learn each step together.

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On the other hand, he finds learning new choreography the most enjoyable, especially after the Dream Maker ended, which they have to learn a lot of new dances.

Hundred Days Miracle: HORI7ON First Fan Meeting

Fans of HORI7ON can expect an exciting and entertaining fan meet this coming Saturday, as teased by member Vinci. While they have prepared a lot, he also mentioned that they want to keep it a surprise and not spoil anything.

The fan meeting will be an event like no other as the group is also eager to meet their fans especially now that they will be going to South Korea a few months from now. They also shared that they prepared a lot of performances and are excited to showcase their skills and talent to their beloved fans who have been supporting them since their journey in Dream Maker.

And for all the fans, it’s sure to be a night of unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!

“It’s more intimate, like maybe close up with the fans.” – Vinci

The first fan meeting of the group, which was highly anticipated, sold out in just a few days after tickets were released.

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Don’t miss the chance to see HORI7ON perform live on April 22, 2023 at the New Frontier Theater. Get ready for a night of amazing performances and unforgettable moments with the hottest new pop boy group in the Philippines.

This event is brought to us by DNM Entertainment, MLD Entertainment, and Star Magic.

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