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WayV takes fans on a thrilling journey with their fan meeting tour [Phantom] in Manila

WayZenNies were given a special evening on March 26, 2023, as the group, WayV, hosted their fan meeting in Manila. The fan meeting, which was held at the Araneta Coliseum, was a chance for fans to interact with the group up close and personal.

A powerful performance of WayV’s hit songs, including ‘Kick Back’ and ‘Try My Luck,’ got the fan meeting started. Fans were dancing, jumping up and down, and flashing their light sticks in time to the music. The members, decked out in fashionable attire, exuded confidence as they ruled the stage.

The group members each took a turn introducing themselves to fans after their opening performance and thanking them for their support.

One of the highlights of the fan meeting was the segment called What’s in my bag, wherein Hendery showed what’s inside his luggage. Inside were: abaniko (hand fan), photos, banana chips and polvoron, vitamins, itinerary brochure, good morning towel, game console, and a packed lunch.

And the segment doesn’t end there, they prepared an SM dance medley, wherein they performed Aespa’s Illusion, H.O.T’s Candy, and Shinee’s Sherlock. WayV said that they didn’t know what the fans liked so prepared everything for WayZenNies.

More of their hit songs were performed after the dancing medley, such as ‘Broken Love’ and ‘Dream Launch.’

After the VCR of Phantom in the Moonlight, the members were back on stage with their stunning outfit and performed their last songs, ‘Love Talk,’ ‘Diamonds Only,’ and ‘Nectar.’

During their last ment, the members keep saying how thankful they are for the Filo-WayZenNies and they will definitely be back soon.

“Thank you so much WayZenNi. I miss you guys.”Xiaojun

“With all our heart, we thank you all. We’ll come back more often.”Kun

“I’ll remember this for the longest time.”Ten

“Philippines, see you soon!”Hendery

“We’ll come back soon. I love you guys so much.”Yangyang

The fan meeting ended on a high note with WayV performing their latest song, ‘Phantom’ and ‘Good Life.’ Fans sang along and danced to the upbeat track, not wanting the night to end.

The members’ charisma and talent were apparent, and their interactions with their fans helped to forge a unique bond that will be cherished for a very long time. Fans are now anticipating the group’s next visit here in Manila, which shows their rising popularity in the Philippines.

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WayV’s fan meeting in Manila was a big success thanks to DNM Entertainment and IN2UNE Entertainment.

Until WayV’s next fan meeting here in Manila, mga bes!

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