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Moonbin and Sanha happily reunite with PH-AROHAs at Diffusion in Manila!

This is Moonbin and Sanha’s second visit to Manila after seven years! 

Filipino AROHAs had a night to remember when ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha visited Manila during their ‘Diffusion Fan Con Tour last March 25 at the New Frontier Theater. 

The duo opened their show with their hits, WHO and Bad Idea.

Diffusion in Manila Opening

They greeted their fans who happily cheered for them and acknowledged that it has been a long time since their last visit. Moonbin and Sanha happily shared that Manila is their first stop on their overseas tour. Both Moonbin and Sanha prepared solo stages that AROHAs were all excited to see!

Solo stages by Moonbin and Sanha

Sanha was supposed to perform Wish with a guitar. Due to technical difficulties, he wasn’t able to perform it but sang with an instrumental version instead. His charming voice is really pleasing to hear!

Diffusion in Manila: Sanha performs Wish

Moonbin on the other hand, had a very intense performance! He performed Perfumer and Desire. The crowd went wild when Moonbin changed on stage and was surprised by his amazing figure!

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Diffusion in Manila: Moonbin performs Desire

Fanmeeting with AROHAs

After their first set of songs, Moonbin and Sanha returned to the stage with host Sam Oh to interact with their fans. They all greeted the crowd the second time around.

During the fan meeting segment, they learned a few Tagalog words such as “charot!” and of course the iconic, “Mahal ko kayo!” The duo also had an Aroha Talk Talk with the fans wherein they shared some interesting facts about themselves.

When asked which places they wanted to visit, they mentioned Cebu, Palawan, and even the house of AROHAs! The last part made the whole crowd giggle! After the Talk Talk session, Moonbin and Sanha played a game where they need to guess each other’s drawings! Unfortunately, they lost during this round so they did the TingTing TangTang challenge:

Following this challenge, they played another game again where they guessed the song titles in a mashup of songs! Some lucky AROHAs even interacted with Moonbin and Sanha to help them guess the songs. Though, luck wasn’t with Moonbin and Sanha as they lost the second time around. As punishment, they danced to NewJeans’ OMG:

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A night where PH-AROHAs wish came true

Moonbin and Sanha continued the second half of their concert where they performed Madness, Chup Chup, and Alone to name some. Upon concluding the event, they watched a special video prepared for them by their Filipino AROHAs.

And as they end their Fan Con, they all thanked the fans who made time to see them. As per Sanha, he felt bad that he only returned after seven years. He expressed how he felt the love of every AROHAs present. Moonbin felt the same way and he even wondered what would’ve happened if they came back a little earlier.

Then they promised that they will come back soon and that if opportunity permits, the rest of ASTRO will be with them. Through this promise, every AROHAs went home happily and for sure, they’ll anticipate the day when they will welcome ASTRO as a whole.

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It was a pleasant saturdate with you, Moonbin, and Sanha! Until we meet again.

If you’re still on Diffusion Fan Con in Manila post-concert mode, here’s the playlist as your reminder that the event did happen!

Thank you DNM Entertainment and IN2UNE Entertainment for making this event possible.

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