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5 Reasons why PH-Runners are excited for Running Man in Manila

Finally! The waiting game ends on April 1, 2023, as we get to see Running Man casts Live in Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena!

Here are 5 reasons why PH Runners are so excited for Running Man in Manila:

1. Running Man’s first time in Manila

After three long years of waiting, finally we will get to meet them in person! Breathing the same air as we usually say, and all the moments that the cast will be sharing together with the Filipino fans.

2. Running Man Live in Action

At last, we can now see how games are played live! Hopefully, we can witness how they banter with each other and how they react if they win or lose the game. It is well known that production crews are always working very hard to produce high-tier games and activities in each Running Man episode. I am most looking forward to it if they play the Strawberry Game. IYKWIM. 😂

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3. Performances by the members

If you were able to watch the recent Running Man episode, Yang Sechan and Haha are continuously showing some spoilers on their performance for the upcoming fan meet.

It is also well known that the members have their individualities, some are singers, actresses/actors, hosts, entertainers, etc. Versatile artists that we can see as they perform on stage.

4. Running Man members are inspirational

The chance that we get to see them in person is a real blessing. How these people touch our lives in their ways. Running Man show is my Monday motivation. I will always be so excited each Monday since I will get to see another episode. We know you are too!

Running Man often times gives motivation and inspiration to the viewers through their support to each other. One example is to watch each other’s back because…. they might strip out your name tags! Kidding aside, hihi!

5. Experience the show

The people who cheer us up whenever we feel down. Running Man is all good vibes! Even though former member Lee Kwangsoo is no longer part of the lineup as it was initially announced due to his departure from the show last April 2022.

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As fans, we would always want to see our faves live as long as we are able and we can within our means. This is it! The show that we have all been waiting for! For sure this is a night to remember and we all can’t wait to experience all this with our co-PH Runners.

See you soon, Yoo Jaesuk, Jee Seokjin, Kim Jongkook, Haha, Song Jihyo, Jeon Somin, Yang Sechan, and PH Runners! Hwaiting!

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