ICYMI: Kim Wooseok to make acting debut in web drama “Twenty-Twenty”

Kim Wooseok will be playing the male lead in the upcoming web drama “Twenty-Twenty.”

It is about the lives of 20-year-olds, finding their dream while having the freedom and going through responsibility for the first time as a young adult.

Wooseok’s character, Hyunjin, is a 20-year-old adult who just started living independently.

Play Studio is a production company that produces web dramas and has produced hits like “Love Playlist”, “Seventeen”, “A-TEEN”

The drama is set to begin filming in April.

In his recent Instagram live, Wooseok also mentioned that his solo album will be released first before the filming begins.

He accepted this drama offer because he wanted to be able to promote as an idol while filming it.

We are really excited about his album and drama! Are you ready bes?

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