“It was Hope that was kept in the innermost nook of the box… Hope gave people the will to carry on living amidst the pain and strife…” – Jack in The Box, Intro

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As BTS went into hiatus, the members proceeded with doing their own thing and doing other activities that they are passionate about. J-Hope In The Box is a behind-the-scenes documentary that shows J-Hope’s creative process as well as his struggles in the creation of his solo album called Jack in The Box.

Check out his Jack in The Box album on Spotify.

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In this documentary, you would be able to have the front-row seats as J-Hope takes you along with him on his journey as he finally took that giant leap out of his own box and show us how he had grown to become one of the greatest artists there is. 

Being a global superstar does not prevent you from feeling nervous, anxious, and even lost at times. J-Hope’s journey from creating his solo album to hosting a listening party, up to his first solo performance in the 2022 Lollapalooza was nothing but an inspiration.

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Seeing J-Hope fulfill his dream as he stood on that stage, on his own, singing for ARMYs, was something he never thought he could achieve. In the end, he did not only achieve it, but he also ended it with flying colors. 

J-Hope in The Box is definitely something that you should watch. I watched it without any expectation and yet by the end of it my heart was at peace, and filled with so much hope that I was inspired to try and give a long-lost dream a try then maybe, I would be able to get out of my own box as J-Hope did.

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On that note, let me share one of my favorite quotes that J-Hope said. 

“A Little Change Go A Long Way.” – J-Hope

All in all, J-Hope in the box is something you should definitely watch. Don’t miss this chance to be inspired, if not be comforted by no other than ARMY’s sunshine, J-Hope.

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J-Hope in the Box is available for streaming across the world today, February 15, through Disney+.

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