7 K-Pop b-side tracks you should add to your Valentine’s Day playlist

Written by: Arjie Via Ramirez

Love is in the air!

The most-awaited February holiday just brings out love and happiness, and everyone is excited to celebrate love on its specially dedicated day. There are many ways to celebrate Heart’s Day like giving chocolates and flowers, and of course, listening to your favorite love songs to set the mood.

For sure you already have the playlist of your favorite K-Pop love songs ready, but what about adding some b-side tracks that are as gold as the title tracks to your playlist?

Without further ado, here are K-Pop b-side tunes to feel the love this Valentine’s Day.


Have you ever met someone who is too good to be true, and you just can’t believe that person is by your side and likes you back? iKON surely knows that feeling as they ask if that person is ‘FOR REAL?’ and if they actually exist in the mid-tempo heart-fluttering track.

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(G)I-DLE – Luv U (Album: I trust)

(G)I-DLE confesses their love in the most chick way with ‘Luv U’ which, actually, is a very (G)I-DLE thing to do. The fiery love in ‘Luv U’ is described as dangerous and deadly, and being chick is the right approach to it. Is anyone taking notes?

MAMAMOO – I’m Your Fan (Album: reality in BLACK)

How does the statement “I’m your fan!” as an equivalent to “I love you” sounds? Instead of saying “I love you”, express your love and deepest appreciation for someone with MAMAMOO’s ‘I’m Your Fan’.

B.I – Middle with you (Album: Love or Loved Part.1)

What is love if it’s not passionate and reckless? B.I sing to such love with ‘Middle with you’, painting a one-of-a-kind romance with that someone you want to be with any time and anywhere.


What about some flowers on Valentine’s Day? Bobby compares his first love to a beautiful flower ‘LiLaC’, and comparing someone to a flower is a very classic way for the romanticist to show how much they love someone.

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NAYEON (feat. Wonstein) – LOVE COUNTDOWN (Album: IM NAYEON)

This Twice’s Nayeon and Wonstein duet sings to the blooming romance. Valentine’s Day might be the perfect day to confess your love and finally get that ‘LOVE COUNTDOWN’ ticking from ten to one. May your love succeed!

Lee Hi – H.S.K.T (feat. Wonstein)

In another feat. Wonstein in this list, Lee Hi asked to be loved wholly, from ‘H.S.K.T’ (head, shoulders, knees, and toes) to which Wonstein replies with “Yes I’m like an AI robot with an obvious answer”. Exactly, if you are not being loved this much then why bother? May you find a love that loves every inch of you!

It is important to feel the love on Valentine’s Day, whether you are spending this holiday alone or with a special someone. Don’t forget to tune in to these sweet tunes and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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