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AO EXCLUSIVE: Kim Seon Ho shares heartfelt life lesson on how to overcome difficulties in life

It was not an ordinary Sunday, but a Romantic Sunday for every Seonhohadas, a beautiful and shining day because of the presence of our beloved Kim Seon Ho — our dimple prince, good boy, and the reason for our happiness.

On January 22, an exclusive press conference was held ahead of Kim Seon Ho’s scheduled fan meeting at SM MOA Arena and fortunately, the Annyeong Oppa team had the chance to see him in flesh and ask him a question.

Everyone was so thrilled when Kim Seon Ho finally appeared, he looked so dashing and adorable while smiling with his dimples on. It feels so surreal to finally see him in person.

Kim Seon Ho greeted everyone and said that he was very glad and honored to be at the press conference. This is his second time coming here to the Philippines (first when they went to Cebu for a vacation with his Good Manager co-stars), he said, it’s great to be back again and he’s very happy because of the warm welcome he received from his Filipino fans.

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Kim Seon Ho started his career in theater acting, he said it is a big help to his transition to a small screen. He made his screen debut in the 2017 drama, Good Manager. He is also remarkable for his roles in the dramas, Strongest Deliveryman, Two Cops, 100 Days My Prince, Welcome to Waikiki 2, Catch the Ghost, Start-Up, and the hit rom-com series, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

How he wants fans to remember him as Kim Seon Ho

We all know that Kim Seon Ho is a hard-working person. When he was asked about how he wants fans to remember him, he responded that he wants Seonhohadas to remember him as someone who has developed a lot, and someone who tries hard to be a better actor every time.

He also said that he has more to come and he’s capable to do more projects as an actor.

About his upcoming projects

Kim Seon Ho shared brief information about his two upcoming films. In Sad Tropics, he will be portraying the role where he is chasing a Filipino boy. The said film is slated to release this year.

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While in the other film, Tyrant will be playing the role of the general, according to him, his role here is sad and lonely and he enjoys doing this movie a lot.

Moreover, they are still planning to do a drama and once it’s finalized, he will be telling us personally if it’s ready to be shown.

Life lesson he wants to share with his fans during hard times

Save the best for last!

Yes! The last question was from us. We asked him about his best life lesson that he can share with all Seonhohadas who are experiencing difficulties right now.

He responded to our question with a very heartfelt message and said that all of us have hard times but in the future, there will be a happy and bright time.

He added to give your best to overcome the difficulties you are experiencing in life because you’ll get benefits from it, and you’ll be happy in the future.

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Got so emotional when I heard him saying these things. Thank you for not giving up and being so brave and strong during those hard times of your life, you are such an inspiration to all of us. We love you always, we will always be here for you our best boy, Kim Seon Ho.

This is the moment I will treasure for the rest of my life!

Thank you PULP and Inang for having us.

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