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SB19’s insights: WYAT tour, “Nyebe” release, homecoming concert

SB19 surely has a lot of stories and experiences to share as their successful WYAT (Where You At) tour is nearing to end, making it more memorable through a homecoming concert on December 18 at Araneta Coliseum.

In a media conference held on December 12, the group eagerly imparts their excitement on their upcoming homecoming concert as well as their realizations and learned lessons as they showcased their performances in various cities and countries for their WYAT tour.

Moreover, their single “Nyebe,” is released on the same date of the said media conference. This song will also be included in the setlist of SB19’s homecoming concert.

The success of WYAT tour

WYAT tour is the first international tour of SB19. Fans from respective cities and countries attended the said tour to show their support to the group.

When asked about what does the group considers as their secret weapon in having a successful WYAT tour , Josh acknowledged their fans, A’TIN, for always supporting them.

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On the other hand, Pablo admitted that they feel certain pressure in performing in front of other people; making sure that they are at their best condition when sharing their performances and music to the public.

With their eagerness to inspire and influence people through their music, the group also shared that there are things that they need to try and improve as they learned from their experiences in WYAT tour.

As what SB19 mentioned at the media conference: “Going up and forward,” they aspire to strive harder in establishing their career as a PPOP group, together with the objective of helping and inspiring people that surrounds them.

Release of “Nyebe”

Days before the homecoming concert, SB19 released their single “Nyebe,” a song that aims to bring warmth and comfort to people in dealing with uncertainties and hopelessness.

Discussing about interpretations on this latest single, Pablo described “Nyebe” as a relatable song. “Each one of us has a different story. But at the same time, the emotion or the feelings is universal,” he mentioned. He also shared that he wrote the song two years ago during the pandemic.

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“Nyebe” garnered heartwarming comments and reactions from fans as they show their gratitude to SB19 for their music.

The audio and official visualizer of “Nyebe” is now available on music streaming platforms.

Homecoming concert

As they successfully complete their WYAT tour, SB19 will have a homecoming concert this December 18.

With regard to the group’s preparations on the homecoming concert, Ken mentioned that they have been training and practicing new performances as their way of showing their appreciation to A’TIN.

Justin said that this homecoming concert will be a longer one and they want to enjoy and spend it happily with the group as well as with their fans.

Also, Stell shared that they heard their fans and they will make this homecoming concert like a fan gathering as they will share stories and moments with A’TIN, filling it with highly anticipated performances.

On December 5, SB19 announced that tickets for the said homecoming concert are officially sold out. Furthermore, fans can still watch and attend the concert virtually through purchasing livestreaming tickets available worldwide via

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