Of friendship, family, and K-Love: Viu Original series heralds halfway mark

Viu Philippines

Unexpected meet-ups, painful breakups, kilig matchups…

it’s been a daebak ride so far in the # 1 series on Viu PH as of date, K-Love!

This Viu Original captured those who are looking for feel-good vibes that K-dramas give. The series just hit mid-season, and the show keeps us right in the feels. With each endearing and hilarious scene, K-Love brings comfort to viewers with “100% relate” moments. We’re hooked instantly!

The series follows five urbanites riding out the rollercoaster of life from loss, love, work, and everything in between. What gets them going with that “fighting” spirit? K-drama!

We meet Tish (Iza Calzado), a career woman who faces the pressure of settling down after a failed relationship. Right when she’s in shambles, her high school sweetheart arrives in the country, Jay (Jake Cuenca). They reunite at a party and start to rekindle the old flame.

Viu Philippines

Tish’s BFF, Shiela (Isabelle Daza), is a wannabe momfluencer and an uber-competitive batchmate, out to prove that she’s still the best. A lot like her is Val (Sue Ramirez), a palaban startup entrepreneur who tries to dominate the world of fashion and technology.

Viu Philippines

If there’s one person who ties them together, it’s K-lover Frances (Gabby Padilla). One fateful evening, the group unexpectedly gathers at Tish’s place where Frances shares The Kure: healing K-dramas to get them through life.

Viu Philippines

With their newfound K-Love and weekly binge watch sessions, they try to overcome challenges and pursue their own happy endings.

Mid-Series Musings

“What is it about K-drama that draws people?”

This is the question that the narrator asked, and K-Love answered.
Much like a K-drama, K-Love connects with the audience in so many ways as it points to the important values of life – family, friendship, and relationships. One more thing we love is that the execution is fresh, light, and never boring. K-Love injects brevity and laughter into most of the scenes, so it’s never too heavy no matter how serious the narrative gets.

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As the plot branches out to reveal the stories of each character, we can’t help but laugh, cry, and cheer them on while anticipating what’s coming next. We found ourselves tearing up with Tish in her just-broken-up phase… we’ve all been there, right? Or laugh at Shiela’s classy Marites moments whenever she’s too occupied minding others’ business, which is like, 80% of the time! Her hilarious tittle-tattles are definitely icing on the cake, especially with her super confused husband right in front of her.

This is why right off the bat, we couldn’t agree more on why the team chose the cast to play the parts. Sassy and significant subplots intersperse in K-Love, revealing each cast member’s stellar executions. Isabelle Daza as Shiela definitely provided humor and added to the delightful vibe.

Gabby Padilla, in one of her biggest acting roles to date, effortlessly showed that she’s a star to watch out for. We can’t leave out Iza Calzado and oppa material Jake Cuenca’s stunning performances and undeniable chemistry on screen, leaving us wanting more. Sue Ramirez gives us a breath of fresh air after her heavy role in The Broken Marriage Vow.

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Admirably, the series is serving us quite an age range in terms of characters. Having twenty-somethings to past sixty-somethings makes K-Love sane in tackling the realities that they are facing. We knew that their stories would hit home, just like how the contrast of Tish’s parents’ marriage and Jay’s parents symbolises that not all endings are happy. It’s also worth noting how Shiela struggles to get closer to her Gen Z daughter, to the point that she’s also on TikTok!

K-Love incorporates a dose of meaningful messages and moments not just for the young ones, but for all ages without losing focus on the most essential thing in the story: the characters’ friendships. From letting go to kilig second chances and a whole lot of funny moments in between, they always lean onto each other as they find comfort in K-drama.
Watching K-Love have us doubled over in chuckles one second and heart-fluttered the next. Though some of the scenes depict the realities of life, the way it’s executed in the story is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Why should you watch K-Love?

If you are a K-drama lover, you’ll definitely relate to the fangirling moments here. Them swooning over Gong Yoo’s hot looks is such a mood! On episode 7, when the K-Squad goes to an oppa fanmeet episode is exactly us, bardagulan with other fans just to get VIP tickets to see our favorite K-drama star.

But much more than that, K-Love has all the makings of a successful show. Multifaceted characters, surprisingly finger heart-worthy love teams, a brilliant main and even supporting cast, and an engrossing script by acclaimed writers. Put these all together and the screen fills up with magic. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that, right?

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What we also love about K-Love is how visually immersive the experience is. From the glossy shots of an outstanding production composed by award-winning crew to the fashion Pam Quinones brings to the table, every scene is a delight to the viewers reminiscent of K-drama.

The story is very Filipino, but told in a really stylish way. Veering away from your usual Filipino TV seryes, there are no kabits, no sampalans, just a light take on an exciting plot about Filipino families and modern-day relationships.

K-Love’s faster paced storytelling at 25 minutes per episode will also get a nod from TikTok and IG Reels natives, the Gen Zs. But despite the shorter format, K-Love is made for a very compelling watch to look forward to every Friday, one that Filipinos of all ages will love. No wonder it’s currently the #1 most-viewed series on the Viu PH platform.

Root for the K-Squad and their journey to navigate life with K-Drama. Tune in to the next episode of K-Love, streaming exclusively on Viu! https://bit.ly/K-LovePR

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