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First Parade in Manila: Kang Daniel’s sweet reunion with PH DANITYs!

Three years after their first meeting in Manila, Kang Daniel reunites with his Filipino DANITYs for his first solo concert.

On October 22, Kang Daniel kicked off his FIRST PARADE Asia Tour with Manila as his first stop. Kang Daniel met his fans at the New Frontier Theater with a lot of energy, and they cheered loudly.

He opened the show with his song, Flash, from his album “Magenta,” released in 2020. He performed a total of 17 songs, including his following hits: Parade, Touchin, 2U, How to Live, and Antidote.

Daniel performing Parade.

Despite the urge to play on the stage with his fans, Daniel alternatively prepared a Balance Game to share interesting facts with everyone. It is the type of game where he needs to choose something he’s more into.

Playing Balance Game with fans

As fans predicted, Kang Daniel would rather prioritize having his computer fixed than his phone!

Afterwards, he continued on with the show and did his best to perform his other hits—1000x, Moment, and Adulthood.

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A short talk before performing 1000x

Kang Daniel thanked all the DANITYs present and promised that he would come back as soon as possible as he bid farewell to the audience.

Kang Daniel First Parade Manila
All smiles after thanking his fans for attending

For sure, all PH DANITYs will have a new moment to remember with Kang Daniel during his Manila concert. It was indeed a fun and intimate show, and every fan present could cherish it.

Thank you everyone for joining me for my first concert here in Manila. I will try my best to come back here as soon as possible!

Kang Daniel

Until our next meeting, Kang Daniel!

First Parade in Manila was presented by Konnect Entertainment and Genie Music and promoted by Wilbros Live.

And if you’re still in your PCD phase, we’ve prepared the First Parade set list for you:

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