In a world filled with uncertainties, we all look for ways to break free from stress, reality, and struggles. We all try to find the sweet escape that will help us replenish our almost drained energy. 

For some, they find it through a change of scenery by hiking, island hopping, or just by simply riding a bus, with no specific destination, and just finding out where it leads you. And there are people like us, who find their strength by watching K-Drams, K-Variety Shows, watching KPop concerts, attending Korean Fan Meetings, or just simply enjoying our friend’s company in a Samgyup place.

That’s where VIU’s original series, K-Love, comes in. 

Last October 8, 2022, VIU Philippines held a media conference at My Cinema, Greenbelt 3, hosted by no other than Sam Oh. Which includes the creative creators behind the series and of course the fabulous cast. 

Find out more about these amazing people here: VIU ORIGINAL SERIES K-LOVE

Press conference highlights

In the media conference, Corrina Vistan, a Marvel Studio Executive, told the media how she got inspired to create K-Love because of her friends who were so into K-dramas. She was fascinated to see the fandom and their obsession with it. She also stated that K-Love was created for the fans of K-dramas and for those who are not into K-drama this show is also created for them to either be convinced to be part of the fandom or to understand those close to them who are already part of the fandom.

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Being the leader of K-Drama content, Corrina chose VIU to be the platform where K-Love will be shown, starting October 14, 2022.

As for the story, Tweet Sering told the media that it was like her fanfiction since she and her sister Tara are fans of K-Dramas. Tweet also discussed how they got their inspiration in how K-Dramas were created, like the scenes, the elements, what they talk about, and where they went. But in particular, she was inspired by how K-Dramas talk about specific and sometimes delicate subjects but were able to deliver the message they intended, which Tweet also hopes to bring through K-Love’s viewers. 

Katherine Visconti, the executive writer talked about the challenges that they faced didn’t feel like challenges since they had so much fun creating the series. She also stated that she wishes for the audience to get a sense of hope and camaraderie since that was what they all felt in creating K-Love.

Ian Takahashi shared how K-Drama has brought Korean Aesthetics and Korean beauty around the world. And with K-Love, Ian aims not only to bring Filipino Beauty and aesthetics but also Filipino stories all over the world.

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Small talk with K-Love casts

As for the actors, most of them stated how their roles for K-Love were a shift from their usual dark roles, and even the shots that were taken on how they would portray their roles as they collaborate with their directors and creators.


Each of the artists finds a piece of themselves with the characters that they are portraying. Except for Sue Ramirez, who plays Val, wherein she plays the role of a non-Kdrama fan which is totally the opposite of who she was in reality. Jake Cuenca, who plays the role of Jay, said that his role reminds him of his brother. A kind and gentle guy.

When asked if they are open to interracial casts, Jake said that they would love to work with other actors from other countries. And the cast agrees if given an opportunity they would not shy away from it. 

Role key takeaways

For the question about what lesson would the viewers learn from their characters, Iza Calzado told the media about what she had learned while playing her character, Tish, is really about finding your voice and owning it and how nobody’s perfect. 

As for Isabelle Daza, who plays the role of Shiela, her biggest takeaway would be that relationships take work and you need to put in the time, whether it’s your daughter or mother, you need to adjust to different personalities.

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Jake Cuenca, who plays Jay, advised everyone that if you want something, you have to go and take it cause there’s someone right there who’s gonna take it from you, you have to try, or else you’re gonna live with regret. 

Val on the other hand, played by Sue Ramirez, told everyone that “Pride can only get you so far. It’s actually the help of the people around you when you allow them to help you that would really get you much farther in life.”

Fran, the bubbly friend of Val, played by Gabby Padilla said that the lesson she had learned from her character was that no matter how much you planned your life, life will always have other ideas than what you have always planned for and most of the time it is better than what you have imagined.

Streaming this October only on Viu

K-Love promises to teach us these things but on a lighter note. Once again let’s support this upcoming VIU original series that was made for the fans of K-drama starting this October 14, 2022, with new episodes every Friday night, with a total of 18 episodes with 30 minutes duration.

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