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AO EXCLUSIVE: How I met Jessi and got a kiss during Zoom In Manila

Yes, Jessi kissed me at my first K-concert ever and it was shown on the big screen so the whole arena saw it! Oh right, I have got to calm my ass down for a minute. Phew, okay.

Annyeong everyone, especially my co-Jebbies! My name is Trixia, a moderator/writer here in Annyeong Oppa. It’s been a long time since I last posted an article but boy, who would’ve thought that the next article that I will be writing is about something that I’ve been dreaming of for years?

I have been a fan of Hyunjoo, or more known as Jessi way back in 2019. Her bomb-ass songs and her unique personality were one of the few reasons why I love this woman so much. Even my halmeoni knows and adores her because she’s nothing like the other artists. I look up to her alot because *ehem* I’m sort of a bad bitch myself. Her point of view is always lining up with mine. Let’s go, women!!!

She was also such a comedic icon on her Running Man guestings (and every variety shows she’s appeared at), girlie popped an egg using her finger inside of Ji Seokjin’s mouth. *dead*

Context: Each team must protect their eggs and try to destroy other’s eggs to win.

I followed and supported her whenever she releases something or whenever she appears on a new show.

Archived from my IG stories trixxmola

My happiness was off the roof when it was announced that the woman that I admire so much will have her first solo concert ever, here in the Philippines. My emergency concert funds were truly meant for her….if not MAMAMOO, if not IU. 😀 Very thankful that I am now privileged enough to buy my own ticket.

I bought the ticket offline at Pasay MOA Arena. I was the first to buy a ticket at that location lol. Check the video here! I chose the VIP Standing with Photo Op. Oh my God. This is it, my first Korean concert EVER.

When I got a hold of my ticket, I was very happy but I was also guilty of buying such an expensive ticket when I’m a panganay in a Filipino household. Y’all go figure. (or just play Surface Pressure by Jessica Darrow)

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This is when I looked back at the times when Jessi had saved my life through her music. I would literally listen to Ssenunni, Nunu Nana, What Type of X, Cold Blooded, Who Dat B & Spirit Animal. Then I would feel like a ssenunni again and then actually go on with my life like a bad bitch would.

I think I deserve this, right? I worked my ass off for this. Countless OTs just for this to happen. Let’s freaking go!

I then started planning my outfit months before the show.

Personalized SSENUNNI crop top and slit pants to bring out the Jessi in me
Personalized BOSS BITCH clips that will play a huge part in this journey

D-Day! I went early to the venue because as a small person with bad vision, I need to queue early so I can be on the barricaded part so I can see Jessi closer.

I went there as early as 12PM. Volunteered and gave phone stickers for the flash. Gates opened at 5 PM. The show was supposed to start at 7 but they delayed it till 8 so people can still come. I was actually worried because it was already 7 PM but there are still a lot of vacant seats. The delay was very inconvenient but it sure was worth it to wait for them!

As an early bird, I, of course, got the barricade.

The show began and it was the best night of my life! I finally heard the songs that i used to just stream online, the songs that made me a badder bitch, the songs that actually saved me. I was grateful I lived to see this.

She started with What Type of X and then sang Don’t Touch Me. As a hard Refund Sisters stan, I literally freaked out. I even brought Eunbi’s photo from the official album!

Jessi was going through something but she still managed to give us the best show since it’s her first concert in her career, ever. She gave her 100000%. She also gave a whole lot of amazing advices.

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A surprise video project was also shown for Jessi. It’s greetings from people who love her and congratulated her on her success. I was actually supposed to be a part of it but they edited it out. On my clip, I thanked her for inspiring me on being a ssenunni and then I pointed to my shirt. And then we also said, “Jessi, come on!”

She also said after the video project, “Imagine if Chewie came on there and started barking like arf, arf! That would have been funny, yeah?”. I read from one of the fans that they really did include Chewie but it was edited out. Sad.

Jessi wasn’t facing our side that much throughout the show but at the end of the concert, she went down the stage on our side and started the best fan service one artist could ever give. She talked to almost every one of us. Who would do that?

Me hopefully waiting for my turn but not expecting anything because lots of people were waiting and the guards are ready to pull her out any time

I’m thinking of anything to get her attention. Should I show her my shirt? Or point out the BOSS BITCH pin? I should’ve done both but when she’s literally in front of me, I just asked her to look at my pin.

She touched it carefully then she said, “Oh, BOSS BITCH, let’s go!”

That’s when I took all my strength and courage and did not just take a simple photo. Take note friends, you can screenshot a video but you can never turn a photo into a video!

I took a video and whispered her these exact words:

“I love you so much, oh my gosh. Thank you for saving my life through your music. I fxxxxing love you!”

She was quietly listening.

And then this woman, the same woman that I have looked up to for 3 whole years, blew me a kiss and kissed me on the cheek. And then touched my face.

After our encounter, Jessi said: “You guys are beautiful, oh my god!”

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I bawled my eyes right after because what just happened?

I didn’t even know that our cute encounter was shown on the big screen. No wonder why my phone was blowing up when the show was over.

I got this all documented so if you want to check the video, what the public saw on the screen vs. my pov, feel free to watch it all here.

To end this long fangirling feeling, I would like to share a DM that I have sent to Jessi on my birthday last year.

✅ Thanked her for saving me through her music

✅ Told her I love her so much

✅ Saw her in this lifetime

I think this is God’s way of paying me back for all the shit that I went (and currently going) through in this lifetime. I manifested this so hard and it all happened.

Happy birthday, last year’s self! We did it! We saw her! We got to thank her! We got to tell her we love her!

Life isn’t so bad after all. I never felt so good to be alive. So this is what it feels like to be 1000% happy.

Thank you so much for giving us the best time of our lives, Jessi. We know for sure that you enjoyed the PH crowd, everyone does! Come back anytime!

We hope you get your well-deserved rest and stay strong whatever you’re going through right now. Know that Jebbies are always here for you the same way you are here for us. We love you! <3

I’m still on cloud nine. My body still aches but my heart is full. PCD for months, here we go!

I manifested my way through this, now I’m going for the other people who have unknowingly saved my life, too.

Running Man, you’re next.

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