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5 Jung Ilhoon songs to enjoy on his birthday

Written by: Agatha Fabricante

We know you miss Ilhoon as much as we do, and we also know that the feeling of longing seems to be at its peak today – his birthday.

Ilhoon was known to be one of BTOB’s rappers as well as one of the group’s brilliant composers. He wrote songs with a wide-range of genres. As we celebrate his 28th birthday, we listed 5 *chill* songs Ilhoon composed for BTOB.

1. Butterfly

Butterfly is Track No. 3 in Hour Moment, BTOB’s 12th mini album.  With the acoustic guitar and the relaxing vibe, it’s a song that one can listen to while chilling out.  It’s about adoring someone, waiting for them to come to you, just like a butterfly.  

Listen to the song here:

2. Fly Away

Many Melody loves this song from BTOB’s 2nd full album Brother Act. It portrays the hardship of being stuck in a relationship that has ended – unable to move on. It explains the confusing feeling of wanting to let go but missing them at the same time. Have you ever almost completely fooled yourself that you’re okay, and then the memories come back all at once? Then this song is for you.

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Source: Gyang Can Do It YouTube Channel (BTOB Performing Fly Away live)

Watch their live performance of the Fly Away here:

3. The Feeling

The Feeling is the “could have been” title track in BTOB’s 11th mini album This Is Us. The lyrics, the arrangement, the vocals, Ilhoon’s lazy rapping? PERFECT! This song shares THE feeling you have after meeting the one for you, where everything feels nice and new, with the hope that the love lasts. 

Source: Show Champion YouTube Channel

As the song suggests, here’s to hoping that one day we say goodbye to the past days of loneliness. Watch their live performance of The Feeling on Show Champion here:

4. Friend

역시! How can we forget about this masterpiece? “Friend” definitely deserves to be track no. 1 on Hour Moment album, BTOB’s first album without Eunkwang because of his military service. Thank you Ilhoon for this ode to BTOB’s longtime friendship.  This always makes us emotional whenever played. As Peniel says, they have each other’s back no matter what happens and we strongly believe in that.

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Source: MBC Idol Radio (BTOB members performed Friend live for the first time)

This song reminds us that we can still rely on friends in this overwhelming world. You may listen to the song here:

5. Everything’s Good

This is one of BTOB’s healing songs, aside from the famous “It’s Okay”, the universal comfort song of Melody.  “Everything’s Good” helps melt away all our worries and anxiety in this chaotic world that we live in. It reminds us to hope that one day, things will be alright. This is the Outro Track in BTOB’s 1st full album Complete, which also features Lim Hyunsik.

If you feel like you have no one to reach out to, listen to this song and be healed.

Mirroring the message of hope in the song Everything’s Good, we also wish that Ilhoon is enjoying his birthday to the fullest today and getting all the love he deserves.

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It’s been 10 months since we last heard from Ilhoon. Why don’t we all send him our birthday greetings, love, and support on all social media platforms? Let’s all reassure him that we are still waiting for him and that, someday, everything will be good again.

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