ICYMI: Kang Tae Oh confirms to star in upcoming thriller movie opposite Shin Hye Sun

Finally! After 3 years of waiting, we will be seeing Kang Tae Oh on the big screen again, mga bes!

Man of Creation, Kang Tae Oh’s agency announced on July 5 that the actor was confirmed to star in the upcoming thriller film, Open The Door.

Kang Tae Oh accepted the offer to portray the role of Detective Na who tries to find traces of the culprit.

On the other hand, it was reported on April 2 that Shin Hye Sun received a casting offer to play the role of Soo Hyun and she is currently reviewing it.

Open the Door depicts a story of a woman named Soo Hyun who is a victim of an online second-hand purchase scam, she becomes the target of crime after doing so.

Moreover, Shin Hye Sun previously starred in the hit drama, Mr. Queen while Kang Tae Oh is currently starring as Lee Jun Ho in the buzzworthy legal drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

This is his reunion with director Park Hee Gon who helmed the 2018 film, Feng Shui which he starred in with the award-winning actor, Jisung.

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