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6 Reasons Why You Should Include “Mr. Queen” in your Watch List

Disclaimer: This post may contain spoilers!

Mr. Queen concluded its finale on 2021 Valentine’s day. This served as a sweet Valentine’s treat to the audiences from their newest favorite Royal Couple. The drama also joined tvN’s Crash Landing On You (2020), Goblin (2016), Reply 1988 (2015), and Mr. Sunshine (2017) as one of the highest-rated dramas in tvN’s history.

It became the talk of the town due to its unique and hilarious scenes as well as the outstanding delivery of the cast.

An honest take on Mr. Queen

In case you haven’t watched it yet bes, then we got you covered! Still, debating on whether you should watch or skip it? Then here are six reasons why you should watch it!

1. Not Your Typical Sageuk Drama

When we talk of sageuk dramas, it takes us back in time. Since sageuk dramas are literally historical or period dramas with the likes of Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Hwarang, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, or Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung. It is expected that plots about family, political power, wealth, and love are present in sageuk dramas.

Well, honestly speaking, the mentioned plots were present in Mr. Queen too. However, it gives its viewers a refreshing scene to witness with unexpected twists. Specifically, the body and/or soul-swapping.

Most of the time, the historical dramas center on a time slip, past-meets-modern, or having alter-egos, but with Mr. Queen, they added the element of swapping – in which two characters exchanges their body/soul and lives in another time period.

Photo from tvN

The story introduces us to Jang Bong Hwan (portrayed by Choi Jin Hyuk), a highly-acclaimed chef working at the Blue House. He is unexpectedly caught in a political scandal that threatens to ruin his reputation.

Bong Hwan accidentally jumps from his apartment and falls straight into a swimming pool. While in the water, he meets this strange woman, Kim So Yong (portrayed by Shin Hye Sun), and his adventure begins.

Image result for mr queen no touch
L-R: Queen So Yong, King Cheoljong / Photo from tvN

Bong Hwan’s soul swaps with So Yong and is back in the Joseon era. He is shocked to see that he is back in time as well as his body is of a female! From there, Bong Hwan is on a quest to help himself return in the present time and to unlock the story of So Yong and the people around her.

2. No Touch Couple

Bong Hwan, occupying So Yong’s body, becomes the Queen Consort of King Cheoljong. Their marriage attracts a lot of raised eyebrows from the councilors as well as the royal elders due to So Yong’s change of behavior.

L-R: Queen So Yong, King Cheoljong / Photo from tvN

The developing romance between the two main characters will spark with their no-touch rule. Basically, the rule is set by So Bong (combination of Bong Hwan and So Yong) stating that they should seek happiness and live their own life separately.

L-R: Jo Hwa Jin, King Cheoljong / Photo from tvN

Royal Noble Consort Jo Hwa Jin enters the picture as Cheoljong’s concubine, in which the two share a romantic relationship with each other. Of course, unbothered So Bong won’t pay attention to the two, not until she becomes attracted (with Bong Hwan’s influence) to Hwa Jin.

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Our royal couple will be faced with events that challenge their early stage of marriage beginning with their no touch rule! A little spoiler, the rule eventually gets to be broken as they realized that their feelings for each other are mutual.

3. The Set of Trios

Let’s call them the Joseon squad. The characters from Mr. Queen were all tailored to either help or oppose our royal couple. Not gonna lie here, I even love the antagonists due to their performance. Every character has their own stories and here are the set of trios that you shouldn’t miss!

Queen So Bong’s Trio – Court Lady Choi, Hong Yeon, Royal Chef Man Bok

(Court Lady Choi portrayed by Cha Chung Hwa, Hong Yeon portrayed by Chae Seo Eun, and Man Bok portrayed by Kim In Kwon)

The two ladies proved their loyalty to So Yong despite the turn of events when Bong Hwan’s soul took over the queen’s body. Despite the “poor” royal etiquette So Bong executes, Court Lady Choi and Hong Yeon were very patient with So Bong! I just love the scene where So Bong throws herself in every water she sees when the rest of her court maids goes into chaos when they see their queen in that state.

Image result for mr queen kim hwan
L-R: Court Lady Choi, Hong Yeon / Photo from tvN

Since Bong Hwan is a blue house chef in the present day, he was able to bring his cooking skills to the Joseon era where he meets the royal chef, Man Bok. Back then, no female is allowed to work in the kitchen but of course, So Bong makes her own rules. Man Bok grows to like the queen and gets to learn unique recipes from her!

L-R: Queen So Yong, Royal Chef Man Bok / Photo from tvN

These trio showed how they trust Queen So Bong despite the problems she faced with Cheoljong. They are the perfect example of friendship that goes by the saying through thick and thin!

King Cheoljong’s Trio – Prince Yeungpyeong, Special Director Hong, Jo Hwa Jin

(Prince Yeungpyeong portrayed by Yoo Min Kyu, Hong Byeolgam portrayed by Lee Jae Won, and Jo Hwa Jin portrayed by Seo In Ah)

Just a spoiler, Cheoljong is a two-faced king. Most people in the Royal court assume that he is dumb and can be easily manipulated, but he is actually planning to find pieces of evidence to punish the corrupt officials during his reign.

Cheoljong forms a plan with his two trusted friends, Prince Yeungpyeong, his older half-brother, and Hong Byeolgam, his friend prior to ascending to the throne. The king works with Prince Yeungpyeong and Special Director Hong by giving them disguise assignments to know the state of his people.

L-R: Prince Yeungpyeong, Special Director Hong / Photos from tvN

Of course, Jo Hwa Jin, is Cheoljong’s concubine and his romantic interest. Hwa Jin also shows support for the plan of Cheoljong to punish his ungrateful officials. However, Hwa Jin was threatened when So Bong gets closer to Cheoljong leading her to make unexpected decisions.

Jo Hwa Jin / Photo from tvN

This trio served as the main support system of Cheoljong, before meeting So Yong. I love how their friendship with Cheoljong was unbreakable and their bond was so heartwarming as well! Late night discussing state affairs and rebellion plans? Too cute! And yes, Jo Hwa Jin makes great character development too!

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Manipulator Trio – Grand Queen Dowager Sunwon, Queen Dowager Jo, Kim Jwa Geun

(Grand Queen Dowager Sunwon portrayed by Bae Jong Ok, Queen Dowager Jo portrayed by Jo Yeon Hee, and Kim Jwa Geun portrayed by Kim Tae Woo)

The most annoying trio. These three are the main source of Cheoljong’s headaches. Grand Queen Dowager Sunwon was the one who placed Cheoljong on the throne. She controls Cheoljong with her younger brother, Kim Jwa Geun. Coming from the Andong Kim Clan, the two siblings make sure that their clan is spared from any corruption scandals by dictating Cheoljong.

Kim Jwa Geun / Photo from Viu

Queen Dowager Jo comes from the rival clan of Poonyang Jo Clan. She is the late wife of the King prior to Cheoljong and is planning to work her way to get back to the throne by influencing Jo Hwa Jin. She is often shown doing shamanistic rituals despite it being banned in the palace.

L-R: Grand Queen Dowager Sunwon, Queen Dowager Jo / Photo from tvN

These three are the main reason why Joseon back then is suffering. They lack serving the people and would only create decisions for their own gain.

Unexpected Kim Trio – Kim Byeong In, Kim Hwan, Kim Mun Geun

(Kim Byeong In portrayed by Na In Woo, Kim Hwan portrayed by Yoo Young Jae, and Kim Mun Geun portrayed by Jeon Bae Soo)

Despite being part of the Andong Kim Clan, these three were not as awful as Sunwon and Jwa Geun. Byeong In was the adoptive son of Kim Jwa Geun who secretly loves So Yong. He enters the palace to protect So Yong and would risk his life to protect her. Kim Hwan is one of my favorite characters in this series. He knows his boundaries and he is very vocal with his opinions. He shares a lovely friendship with Special Director Hong and played an important role in the series too!

L-R: Kim Byeong In, Kim Hwan / Photo from Viu

Lastly, So Yong’s father, Kim Mun Geun, his character was not as strong as the other elders but he is insanely rich! He valued his possessions as much as he values So Yong, but it was a beautiful moment when he acknowledge his lack as a parent to So Yong and took her advice to become good to the people.

Kim Mun Geun / Photo from Viu

These three Andong Kim gentlemen were a good example that not everyone who comes from the same family shares the same traits. They were able to lend a hand to the royal couple in the end with their influence, and I really admire them!

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4. Catchy OSTs

Every Korean drama comes with special OSTs. In Mr. Queen, Norazo’s Bong Hwan-A overtook my playlist for weeks already. The OSTs in this drama were very ear-catching and really suits the drama’s genre. There are some scenes in the drama that gives a serious vibe only to be cut by the funny background songs.

You just know that a hilarious scene will be coming right up when you hear Norazo’s song.

And yes, EXO’s Xiumin sang one of the OST as well! To make it more special, Kim Jung Hyun (a.k.a Cheoljong in the series), also lends his voice to sing one of the soundtracks too. We stan a talented king!

You can listen to the whole playlist here.

5. The Good Laughs

Kim Hwan majorly gives me a lot of reasons to smile in this drama. From his one-night adventure with Lee Saeng Mang, his identity crisis with Hong Yeon, and his friendship with Special Director Hong! He is a promising actor and I’m really looking forward to his upcoming roles. I also want to commend Court Lady Choi and her adventure in the Bamboo forest, such a hilarious scene!

L-R: Queen So Yong as Lee Saeng Mang, Kim Hwan / Photo from Viu

Truth be told, Mr. Queen exceeded my expectations in watching historical dramas. The story is very different from the history books and I really admire how the writers came up with this story. I think the majority of the episodes in this drama will make the viewers smile. Such a good drama for me! Every character has its own story and I’m delighted how their story unfolds in every episode.


I actually wished this drama will have more than 20 episodes since I’ve attached myself to it. I didn’t want it to end! It is just a lovely move from the crew that they gifted the viewers special episodes to celebrate the series.

Our Joseon Squad | Photo from Viu

There are 6 special episodes, around 10 minutes per episode, and it is narrated by Court Lady Choi! It gives its viewers never before seen side stories of our characters. These special episodes will definitely give you smile on your face making you want to re-watch the series all over again.

Final Thoughts

Photo from Viu

I hope these reasons were enough to convince you that you should give Mr. Queen a chance. Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jong Hyun’s chemistry in this drama is very much visible! It is one of the refreshing Korean dramas out there that will keep you entertained, intrigued, and hooked during this time of pandemic. If I were to give it a rating, no doubt that it’ll be 10/10! Hoping that the two will work as a pair again in the future.

Watch Mr. Queen on Viu bes!
Follow it up with Mr. Queen: The Secret after watching the whole series!

Featured image from tvN

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