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Kim Min Jae surprised and sent food truck support to Lee Sung Kyung’s “Shooting Stars” Filming set!

Kim Min Jae and Lee Sung Kyung‘s friendship is so admirable!

On June 10, Kim Min Jae showed his love and support to Lee Sung Kyung by visiting her and sending a food truck support to her Shooting Stars filming set.

Lee Sung Kyung featured it on her IG story. She looks so happy and touched by the sweet gesture of the actor.

In her IG story, she said that her good friend Minjae surprised her on the set. She was tired and a little sick but when she heard Minjae’s voice, she felt like she was hearing a happy melody and felt like she was floating on a cloud. Minjae is the angel who gave her strength that day.

Aw! Minjae is indeed a thoughtful and a very good friend of Sung Kyung. How sweet of him!

Kim Min Jae and Lee Sung Kyung both starred in the film Love Sling and in the drama, Romantic Doctor 2.

They are both multitalented artists, they showed off their swag in their special dance collaboration last year.

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Meanwhile, Shooting Stars airs its finale on June 11. You can stream it on iQiyi app.

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