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Netflix confirms casting and production of upcoming series ‘Black Knight’

Black Knight is coming to Netflix!

It was confirmed on January 12, 2022, that the upcoming Netflix series “Black Knight” will start production with its star-studded cast!

Starring Kim Woo Bin, Esom, and Kang You Seok, and directed by Choi Ui Seok, “Black Knight” follows the air polluted world in 2071, wherein people depend on respirator masks for them to breathe and live.

In this air polluted world, only one percent of the human race has survived, and being a delivery driver is the one and only hope for survival.

“Black Knight” is based on the popular webtoon of the same name, which also won the E-IP Award at the Asian Film Market.

The webtoon caught attention for its creative premise, in which they reimagined a familiar profession into a unique role wherein they are responsible for the survival of the human race.

Director Choi Ui Seok leads the production to turn “Black Knight” into an action-packed series. He previously directed “Master”, “Cold Eyes”, and “The World of Silence”, which showed a good amount of storytelling, action sequence, and cinematography.

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“Black Knight” will be Director Choi and Kim Woo Bin’s reunion project after the film “Master”.

Kim Woo Bin will be playing the role of the delivery driver known as “5’8”. With his previous works in the films “Master”, “Twenty”, and “The Con Artists” and the dramas “Uncontrollably Fond”, and “Inheritors, Kim Woo Bin is expected to play such a legendary role.

After being on hiatus for so long, “Black Knight” will be Kim Woo Bin‘s comeback drama after 6 years.

“Sawol” will be played by rising actor, Kang You Seok. He is a refugee boy who is an admirer of 5’8 and dreams of becoming a delivery driver as well.

Kang You Seok previously starred in the dramas “The Grotesque Mansion: The Original”, “Light on Me”, “Start-Up” and “Once Again”. 

Esom will play the role of “Sealoh”, a military officer at the Defense Intelligence Command, who saves Sawol’s life and took care of him.

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Esom’s acting versatility has been shown in the films “Samjin Company English Class”, “Inseparable Bros”, “Microhabitat”, and the drama “Taxi Driver”. 

“Black Knight” is a star-studded Netflix series that is one to watch out for! With its story and perfect casting, it sure will capture viewers around the world!

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